Rointe electric radiators include patented energy optimisation technologies – Fuzzy Logic Energy Control and Optimizer Energy Plus. These advanced technologies, developed exclusively by our electric heating experts, are designed to increase your energy savings without affecting comfort.


They improve the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature, helping to reduce carbon footprint at the point of use. By accurately analysing thermal variations, our intelligent technologies obtain an equivalent non-consumption coefficient of up to 62%.


We are at the forefront of customers’ minds for quality and technology in electric heating.


Maximum energy efficiency.

Rointe developed Optimizer Energy Plus in 2010. This was the first optimising technology introduced by our R & D department. It optimises energy consumption through precise temperature control.

Optimizer Energy Plus, installed exclusively in the Belize, and Sygma radiator, uses powerful microprocessors, that continuously calculate the energy required to maintain the room temperature, improving energy efficiency and thus reducing consumption.


Comfort without thermal variations.

Optimizer Energy Plus minimizes thermal oscillation by performing high-frequency micro-cuts in the heating element power supply. The use of this software reduces the variation only to ± 0.25°C compared to ± 2°C of other systems.

Optimizer Energy Plus achieves an equivalent coefficient
non-consumption ratio of 60%.

This means that a Sygma radiator only uses, on average during a 24 hour period, 40% of its nominal power, saving energy during operation.


Analysed in independent laboratories.

In tests carried out in the BSRIA laboratory, our 1,430 W radiator with Optimizer Energy Plus was tested.


This concluded that to maintain a room at a temperature of 21ºC with a thermal variation of only ± 0.25ºC for a 24 hour period, the Rointe radiator needed an average of only 572 W or 40% of its nominal power.


This is what we define as the equivalent coefficient of consumption. 


Next level optimisation.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control is our most advanced low consumption technology, recently developed by the Rointe R&D department.


This innovative technology, included in all D Series and Kyros radiators, improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature, analyzing thermal variations with an accuracy of ± 0.25ºC.


Then micro-cuts in consumption are generated, that together with the thermal fluid and high purity aluminium, transfers heat to the room in the most efficient way.


Technology that meets your needs.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control predicts the amount of energy needed at each moment until the set temperature is reached. 


It then proportionally reduces the energy demand required, smoothing the initial curve by lowering the peak temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, Fuzzy Logic Energy Control generates micro-cuts to keep the temperature stable.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control achieves an equivalent
non-consumption ratio of 62%.

This means that a D Series or Kyros radiator only uses, on average during a 24 hour period, 38% of its nominal power, saving energy during operation.

In a comparative test, carried out in a climatic chamber by CETENMA and under the same conditions, our latest Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology proved that it is able to save an extra 6% of the electric power and further reduce the equivalent coefficient of consumption to only 38%.


This proves, that whilst a product can have identical nominal powers, their effective power differs greatly.


Two products with the same watts can have different consumptions.

At Rointe, we want to be as transparent as possible about the energy consumption of our products. So we put them to the test, so you can see that not all electric radiators are "equal" as our competitors lead you to believe.

New regulations for better products.

In EU households, heating and hot water alone account for 79% of total final energy use. These products generate an environmental impact we all want to reduce.


With so much energy used across the continent, new regulations were brought into force in January 2018 to establish a minimum energy efficiency standard for electric space heating products. The objective is to ensure the consumer is not only guided by price or aesthetics but instead has the technical criteria to make a better decision.

This is called the ECODESIGN Directive.

All Rointe heating products have been manufactured in compliance with the ECODESIGN regulations.

They meet, and in some cases exceed, the minimum required standards, providing the user with a quality product that is Lot20 compliant.


They carry our ECODESIGN badge that endorses this compliance.


Learn more.

We’ve developed an informative website so you can learn more about the ECODESIGN Directive.


Discover what it is, which products are affected and how this new framework affects your daily life.