As manufacturers, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase energy efficiency and reduce costs in any way we can. Not only are our radiators Lot20 compliant, we’ve also incorporated a variety of energy saving functions into them to help.

All our electric radiators, towel rails and underfloor thermostats have been manufactured in compliance with the new Lot20 regulation of the ECODESIGN Directive.


So you can easily identify them, they include a badge that shows their certification with these regulations. Read more on Lot20 here.


Save energy by setting custom limits.

Our D Series and Kyros radiators now include a new operating mode, User mode.


This function allows you to set a personalised temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature and locked by a password. It’s a useful function as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

What does this mean?

By default, the temperatures limits for the Eco and Comfort working modes are 7.5ºC and 30ºC above respectively. Thanks to User Mode, we can modify these limits by establishing new ones (such as 10ºC and 21ºC).


For example, setting 21ºC for the Comfort mode and 18ºC for the Eco mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. 


Minimum default temperature:



New minimum User temperature:



Maximum default temperature:



New maximum User temperature:


What is this function for?

This function helps saves energy by preventing temperature selection above 21ºC (in the example shown) by anyone who interacts with the product. Thanks to the establishment of these new limits, you can avoid the incorrect use of your radiators, which could cause an increase in consumption and energy bills.

User mode is ideal for installations carried out in public places such as hotels or schools, allowing users to modify the temperature of the product within a limited chosen range.


Prevent excessive consumption.

All our radiators and towel rails include advanced technology, Open Windows. 


This function is activated when the product probe detects a decrease in the ambient temperature of at least 4°C within a 30 minute time period. This normally occurs when a window is left open, letting heated air escape and wasting consumption.


If this happens your Rointe product will automatically activate the Anti-frost mode for a period of 2 hours, preventing excessive consumption. If needed, simply push the on/off button to switch your product off and press the on/off button again to turn the product back on without the active Open Windows function. 


Track your efficiency.

With the Efficiency indicator, each Rointe radiator can verify and monitor its efficient use.


Depending on the consumption, the radiator will display a coloured indicator: green for optimal efficiency, yellow if it exceeds normal efficiency and red if the radiator is working well above the estimated consumption.


With this exclusive energy saving function, you can monitor your energy consumption per radiator and therefore maximise your efficiency and increase your savings.


See the progress.

The Rome and Siena unvented water heaters include an exclusive function so you can see the progress of water heating towards the user established target temperature.


This gives you more control over your consumption and can help to save energy.

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