Erko electric underfloor heating – carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl & linoleum

The Rointe Erko underfloor heating solution is a thin system protected with earth wire. It’s an aluminium coated system for greater heat dissipation in soft flooring. Ideal for normal shaped rooms when the 0.5m wide sheets are placed in parallel, without the need for connectors between them.


You can install the Erko system underneath a range of different floor surfaces such as laminate, wooden, carpet, vinyl or linoleum. The Erko underfloor heating system is an invisible, space-saving alternative to other heating systems and utilises radiation and convection for even and efficient warmth.


All Rointe underfloor heating systems comply with all national and international regulations and are Lot20 compliant when installed with our ST.2, CT.2 or CT.0 thermostats.


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Rointe electric underfloor heating systems are an invisible heating solution, designed to obtain comfort and well-being without the need for installing heating products on walls. They are a great space-saving alternative to traditional heating systems.


The heat dissipation of our underfloor solutions is formed from the perfect mix of radiation and convection. Vertical radiation generates the majority of heat from the bottom to top, whilst the remainder is made by natural convection of the air that comes into contact with the warm floor of the space. The heat dissipation of our underfloor heating is even and efficient.


Rointe underfloor heating solutions can be installed quickly and easily, and won’t raise floor levels. These advanced systems can be used as a primary heating source to minimise your heating costs, but also work very well when combined with other Rointe products such as our electric radiators or towel rails.


Choose from the models listed below:


Model Heating area Width x Length Power Current Resistance EAN code
MSIWFH010 1 m² 2 x 0.5 m 140 W 0.60 A 378 Ω 8436045918727
MSIWFH015 1.5 m² 3 x 0.5 m 210 W 0.90 A 252 Ω 8436045918734
MSIWFH020 2 m² 4 x 0.5 m 280 W 1.20 A 189 Ω 8436045918741
MSIWFH030 3 m² 6 x 0.5 m 420 W 1.80 A 126 Ω 8436045918758
MSIWFH040 4 m² 8 x 0.5 m 560 W 2.40 A 94 Ω 8436045918765
MSIWFH050 5 m² 10 x 0.5 m 700 W 3.00 A 76 Ω 8436045918772
MSIWFH060 6 m² 12 x 0.5 m 840 W 3.70 A 63 Ω 8436045918789
MSIWFH070 7 m² 14 x 0.5 m 980 W 4.30 A 54 Ω 8436045918796
MSIWFH080 8 m² 16 x 0.5 m 1,120 W 4.90 A 47 Ω 8436045918802
MSIWFH090 9 m² 18 x 0.5 m 1,260 W 5.50 A 42 Ω 8436045918819
MSIWFH100 10 m² 20 x 0.5 m 1,400 W 6.10 A 38 Ω 8436045918826
MSIWFH120 12 m² 24 x 0.5 m 1,680 W 7.30 A 32 Ω 8436045918833

Aluminium coated system

Easy installation

Suitable for carpet / vinyl / lino / wood floors

Low air-speed

Ideal for normal shaped rooms

Will not raise floor levels

No need for connectors between sheets

Insulation solutions available (sold separately)

1 Flooring | 2 Erko heating mat | 3 Lower insulation system | 4 Subfloor

* Rointe underfloor heating systems comply with UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN Directive when installed with Rointe ST.2, CT.2 or CT.0 thermostats.

Product Reference
Width (heating mat) 0.5 m
Length (of mat) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 m
To cover surface 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 m²
Voltage 220-240 V
Foil thickness 1 mm
Multi-core dual-conductor cable
Power cable (coldtail) 3 m
Cable spacing 50 mm
Power 140 W/m²
Insulating cover EFTE fluoropolymer
Ground protection Aluminium cover
Protection degree IPX7

Our guarantees are the best on the market.

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, along with offering a high-quality product. That’s why this product has a 10-year guarantee on the heating mesh and wiring.


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