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Energy-efficient underfloor heating solutions

Author: Rointe

Our underfloor heating systems are formed from the perfect mix of radiation and convection. Choose from one of three solutions - ATRIA, MILOS or ERKO.

Underfloor heating is a great space-saving alternative to traditional heating and a cost-effective way to heat your home, as well as a nice treat for your feet. There is a growing demand in Europe, particularly colder climates like the UK, for invisible alternative heating solutions.

Underfloor heating can take the chill away from cold bathroom floors and provide a gentle, even and reassuring warmth to hardwood or laminated floors. Traditionally, underfloor heating was created as a wet system, where heated water was pumped through a series of pipes underneath the floor. Nowadays, modern techniques like electric (or dry) systems are more popular and heat a bigger surface area at a lower temperature.

These systems can be a primary heating source to minimize your heating costs, but they also work very well when combined with other products such as electric radiators or towel rails.

With our electric underfloor heating solutions you can choose:

Milos for ceramic/tiled floors

Erko for soft flooring like carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl and lino

Formed from the perfect mix of radiation and convection, the heat dissipation of Rointe underfloor heating is even and efficient. Vertical radiation from the bottom up produces the majority of the heat by means of natural air convection, whilst the rest is generated when the air meets the warm floor of the room.

Choose from one of three solutions that are suitable for up to 6 different types of floor surfaces, including carpet, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and linoleum. Each system is compatible with the ST.2 and CT.2 thermostat plus with the free Rointe Connect app.

All our underfloor heating systems have an IPX7 degree of protection against dust, great for allergy sufferers, and waterproof mesh. They also come with a 10-year guarantee on the heating mesh and comply with all national and international regulations. In addition, we offer a free of charge replacement should the mesh become damaged during installation.


Suitable for ceramic flooring, this system combines PTFE interior insulation with PVC exterior insulation. The interior insulation supports higher temperatures than the FEP Teflon/PVC, whilst the exterior is more flexible than PVDF/silicone.

The Milos system has 3.5mm bi-conductive cabling on a fibreglass mesh and there’s no need to raise the floor level when installing. It’s resistant and flexible with adhesive bands secured within the mesh. 

10-year guarantee & free replacement mesh if damaged during installation.


The Erko underfloor heating solution is a thin system protected with earth wire. It’s an aluminium coated system for greater heat dissipation in soft flooring. This is ideal for normal shaped rooms when the 0.5m wide sheets are placed in parallel, without the need for connectors between them.

You can install underneath a range of different floor surfaces such as laminate, wooden, carpet, vinyl or linoleum. The Erko underfloor heating system is an invisible, space-saving alternative to other heating systems and utilises radiation and convection for even and efficient warmth.

10-year guarantee & free replacement mesh if damaged during installation.

Maximise your energy efficiency and savings

Underfloor heating works best when your property is sufficiently insulated, including the actual underfloor system itself. We have also created additional insulation solutions to complement our new underfloor heating range. The two work together to maximise savings and energy efficiency.

  1. Insulation panel

Suitable for use with Milos underfloor heating systems. This is a waterproof sheet made of polystyrene, covered on both sides by fibreglass mesh. By reflecting the heat upwards to the floor surface, the sheet acts as an effective insulating barrier. Meaning you save money by reducing the heating time by up to 90%.

It is water and soundproof, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and can cut to fit any size room.

  1. Protection & Insulation system

Made up of two elements – an upper lining system and a heating blanket underneath. Suitable for use with the Erko underfloor heating system.

The upper lining system is a counterbalance of two free-floating sheets, that both have adhesive to ensure a snug fit. This is of 7mm thick and protects the ERKO foil mesh from possible damage.

The underneath heating blanket is constructed of polystyrene and is fitted between the ground and the Erko system. This blanket reflects the heat upwards and has a soundproofing effect. This solution will increase the energy efficiency of the Erko underfloor heating system. Light and thin at only 6mm thick, the underneath heating blanket is made from polyethylene and aluminium.

Control the smart or easy way

It’s effortless to control our new underfloor heating, you can choose the CT.2 thermostat (compatible with the free Rointe Connect app) or the ST.2 thermostat.