Electric heating solutions for your bathroom

Author: Rointe

Read our article to discover why towel rails are the ultimate heating solution for your bathroom here. You’ll never have a cold room after a hot bath again.

There are plenty of heating solutions you can choose from when it comes to upgrading the comfort of your home. In bathrooms, towel rails can be one of the best options. As well as underfloor heating, they help to create a warm and inviting environment. Not to mention they can also be used to keep your towels warm even on the coldest of days.

Our towel rails are surely something to use to your advantage, especially if you are searching for an affordable and convenient smart heating solution for everyday use. Choosing the perfect one for your home is dependent on personal preference and the number of features you would like.

With two collections to choose from, you’re sure to find the towel rail for you:

D Series

The D Series towel rails are a great choice for both large and small properties. They are sophisticated, elegant, and technologically advanced with the help of integrated Wi-Fi. There are plenty of interesting features in these models, especially if you’re searching for a comfortable and reliable heating solution that’s unique.

They have a resistance between 300 and 750 W, which helps the unit heat quickly and retains heat for longer. The towel rails are easy to install with wall anchors close to the side of the body meaning it’s easier to hang towels and clothing. An accessory range is also available for the D Series towel rails including towel racks and hangers so you can utilise space.

D Series towel rails include:

  • 2-Hour Boost function

The 2-hour boost feature is an extraordinary function that you might use more often than not. When activated, your towel rail will heat to its maximum power for 2 hours, which is perfect for when you return home from a holiday or if your heating has been off during the day. Once the room reaches the optimal temperature, the 2-hour boost function automatically shuts off and the temperature will return to the pre-set. What’s more, if you feel 2 hours is a bit too long to increase the temperature, you can choose 15, 30 or 60 minutes instead. As a smart programmable feature, the 2-hour boost function can provide a warmth injection when you most need it.

  • A wide variety of finishes

With the D Series towel rail, you will have a sleek and modern design, which makes them incredibly versatile to add to any interior scheme in your bathroom. Not only can you choose from graphite, chrome, and white, there is the DESIGNLINE collection of special finishes and RAL colours, so it can fit seamlessly into your décor.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module

Another thing that sets the D Series towel rails apart is an integrated Wi-Fi module that doesn’t require any gateways. Your heating solutions will automatically connect to your internet by using your router, instead of needing outside terminals or gateways to access the internet. With this feature, any changes you make to your heating schedules or desired temperatures will be implemented almost immediately, providing you have a strong connection.

  • Connectivity features

Above all else, our towel rails give you the ability to create your own heating network at home. The connectivity features are incredibly important as one of the main ways you can cut back on your monthly heating costs. With the help of the free downloadable Rointe Connect app and a smart device, you can revolutionise the way your bathroom is heated. The app acts as a central management tool and allows complete control of all D Series products – radiators, towel rails and water heaters – plus our new underfloor heating range. It is fully adaptable to both large and small properties, as long as you have access to an internet connection and a smart device (tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.). You can view real-time energy consumption reports by day, month or year, along with the ability to configure different kWh prices for each hour of the day. It will also send notifications and alerts direct to your smartphone so you remain in control. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Tactile control panel

Aside from being able to access all of the components of your towel rail directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can also use the tactile control panel. This makes it easier to navigate through a variety of visual menus to choose one of the many advanced functions of the D Series range. The 1.77” TFT screen on the control panel can also be colour adjusted to match the surrounding interior design.

  • OPEN WINDOWS function

Low consumption and energy efficiency is always one of the most important factors when choosing a heating solution. That’s why we’ve incorporated a unique function within each towel rail to help. Through an advanced algorithm, our towel rails anticipate scenarios that decrease room temperature. For example, an open window. Any time that there is a drop of 4ºC in less than 30 minutes, the OPEN WINDOWS function will activate and switch the product to a set temperature of 7ºC for efficient use.


The second-generation Kyros range now includes smart energy software with four lifestyle programs already installed. Homeowners can reap the benefits of advanced functions that are accessible 24/7. It’s the perfect solution for bathrooms and includes advanced features that all our heating solutions have to offer, which can help you to save on your annual heating costs.

From different aesthetic finishes to impressive visual menus, it has everything you need. A Kyros towel rail is the perfect solution for your bathroom, offering high quality and low consumption.

Kyros towel rails include:

  • Elegant finishes

There are two main finishes available with the Kyros towel rail, which can be perfect for traditional bathrooms and individuals who aren’t interested in choosing from a large colour chart. The striking white and brilliant chrome finishes are ideal for all bathrooms. And with a modern straight bar design and 4 different sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the elegant finish to suit your home.

  • Smart pre-set programs

There are 4 separate programs that are preinstalled in all Kyros towel rails, giving you the ability to completely customise the way you heat your bathroom.

  1. Common Lifestyle is for the business worker. It switches the towel rail to operate in ECO mode after you leave for work and resets to COMFORT mode when you return. This keeps a constant stable temperature throughout the day but a needed boost of warmth when you’re in your home.
  2. Split Shift is great for individuals who may come home during the afternoon for a period and head back to work for the evening.
  3. Home Life is recommended for rooms that need to keep a warmer stable temperature throughout the day. This is recommended for individuals that spend most of their time at home.
  4. Office is ideal for properties where the majority of activities are done throughout the day.
  • Visual navigation menus

When it comes to the visual navigation menus, there are three main categories to take into consideration: settings, energy, and programming.

  1. Within the settings, you can adjust the brightness of the tactile screen, modify all pre-set programming, change the language of the unit and adjust the day and time.
  2. The energy menu allows you to see the OPEN WINDOWS function, the consumption status, the effective power and product information.
  3. The third menu, programming, allows you to choose between the MANUAL or AUTOMATIC functions, set or modify any schedules and choose between the 4 pre-set programs.
  • 2-Hour Boost function

Similar to the D Series towel rail, the Kyros range also offers the 2-hour boost function. You’ll never have to suffer through a cold room after a hot bath or shower ever again.

There are plenty of remarkable features found in both the D Series and Kyros towel rail collections that every homeowner should experience. With the ability to save on your heating costs, our electric heating solutions are by far your best option for maintaining a warm and comfortable environment.