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When temperatures drop, a warm and cosy space is comforting. Over the past 30 years, we have helped more than 3 million customers experience true comfort around the world.


Discover some of our latest successful installations across a variety of projects with our case studies.


Style, design & comfort for luxurious living.

Morton-Hunte design and build, an exclusive housing developer, were looking for a high performance heating system to install in their new luxury housing development in Godalming. Their electrical installer recommended the new Rointe D Series system for its quality, design and finish, high efficiency and the unbeatable mobile connectivity it offers.



Rointe conducted a technical study to assess the thermal needs of the installation, recommending the right size product for each of the rooms. In the bathroom,

the chrome D Series towel rails were installed, which fit perfectly with the décor and style.



The owners of the properties in this new housing development now enjoy all the benefits of the Rointe connected heating system in their home, being able to

control all the products homes easily, at any time and from anywhere with their smartphone.

“The installation of Rointe D Series radiators means that every home in our development now has a fully automated heating system with remote smartphone management. It's increased the quality of the development and the interest of our buyers, as they can see their consumption whenever they need".


Fashionable heating for modern travellers.

This bright and modern hostel, based in Central London, wanted to replace their dangerous panel heaters for the health and safety of their guests and to match with the interior décor of the property. The electrical installer recommended the Rointe D Series system for its low surface temperature, design and longest guarantee on the market.


Based on the requirements, the D Series radiator in graphite was installed for a modern, bold finish to match the rooms. Due to the balance between the heating components, the surface temperature of these radiators does not exceed 43ºC, meaning the safety of the guests was ensured.


The hostel owners were impressed with the 20-year guarantee offered on the D Series radiator, along with the finished installation in graphite. They also now had peace of mind that the surface temperature of these radiators would not harm their guests and were delighted with the added benefit of remote temperature locking from reception using their smartphone and office PC.

“As we offer stylish, clean and secure accommodation for the modern traveller, we wanted to update our heating to match our target customer. We needed a radiator that would visually stand out from the crowd to match our funky décor and that offered a safe temperature".


Style, design & comfort for luxurious living.

Carnbeg Hotel & Spa, a 4* resort surrounded by the Cooley mountains, needed an efficient heating system for their new leisure facilities to complete their extensive refurbishment and rebranding. The resort had undergone significant investment to unlock its true international potential and the last piece of the puzzle was a smart heating system for the new leisure club, gym and spa.


After listening to the resort’s needs Rointe recommended the Sygma heating system, with its modern design and easy to use programming. The inclusion of energy-saving functions (like Open Windows) and compatibility with the Basic Control remote made programming these radiators easy – a must for the hotel.


The installation of the Sygma radiators means that the heating is kept perfectly programmed and guests can now experience warmth and well-being, whilst enjoying the leisure facilities the hotel has to offer.

"Installing the Sygma heating system was really easy and didn't cause any disruption to our guests. For our hotel it means that guests can experience true comfort throughout the resort's leisure facilities, simply by using the advanced programming ability of these radiators".

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Continuous commitment to partnerships.

This affordable housing development company dreamt of building ecological and sustainable homes. They needed a professional partner to deliver efficiency goals, not only to help protect the environment but to also reduce energy consumption and help save homeowners money.


Before each development installation, Rointe worked with this partner to conduct thorough Technical Studies on each location, plan and home to ensure maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. For the last few projects, the Kyros radiator and towel rail system were installed as it gives excellent programming ability for families with different lifestyles, thanks to the four pre-installed programs designed to meet various needs.


Together, Rointe has built a lasting relationship as the only supplier of advanced electric heating solutions to this company. We enjoy working together with our partners to install the most beneficial heating systems.

“We strive for energy efficiency, high quality and standards in all our housing developments; therefore we wanted a heating supplier that would help us deliver our goals. We chose Rointe heating digital integral systems as our perfect partner and have continued to work with them ever since".


The right heating choice from the experts.

Located within the Cheshire countryside, Shellow Lane Lodges are a luxury, six berth holiday homes that required a flexible heating system for their guests’ warmth and comfort. The owners spoke to various companies to find the best solution. However, they were met with confusion and lack of information on the subject of heating. They were frustrated they could not find a professional company to help them install a suitable solution that met the standards they wanted to provide for their guests, so they turned to Rointe.

After a conversation with Shellow Lane, Rointe conducted a site visit by one of our knowledgeable Commercial team to talk through the options that would suit their needs and accurately size the products – key for correct operation and maximum efficiency.

The Kyros radiator and towel rail system were installed, for flexible heating with 24/7 programming and remote control compatibility. Our after-sales care team were also on hand to answer questions and ensure the customer was happy.

“When our new lodges were ready for a heating system we researched a number of companies. They gave us vague information and we were confused. Then we discovered Rointe and they were able to guide us with professional advice and help. We definitely made the right choice".