Milos underfloor heating installation recommendations

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Rointe Milos electric underfloor heating systems are designed for easy and quick installation. See the do's and don'ts on how to install here >>

The Rointe Milos electric underfloor heating systems have been designed so that installation is quick and easy, but as with all electrical systems, certain procedures must be strictly followed. It is important to ensure that you have the correct heating mat(s) and size for the area you wish to heat and thoroughly read these recommendations about installation.

Milos underfloor installation recommendations

The installation of these underfloor heating systems is only recommended under ceramic, quarry or natural stone tiles. The maximum thermal resistance of the floor must not exceed 0.15 [m²K / W].

It is also possible (but not recommended) to install the heating element under floor finishes such as wood or vinyl by applying a self-levelling compound over the heating mat. You must ensure that all heating cables are completely covered with a minimum of 10 mm self-levelling compound. It is important that the levelling compound is suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Note that delicate floor finishes such as wood or vinyl have a maximum floor surface temperature of 27°C. This temperature must NOT be exceeded.

Rointe Atria and Milos underfloor heating mat installation example with levelling compound

Materials included in Milos underfloor kit

Additional items needed

Milos underfloor installation do's & don'ts

Rointe atria and milos underfloor heating for ceramic or tiled floors

Milos installation do's

Milos installation don'ts

Please note this is not an extensive list, nor is this article the full instruction manual for Milos underfloor heating insulation. You MUST read the instruction manual carefully BEFORE any underfloor installation is carried out. 

All electrical connections must be undertaken by a certified electrician. All work must conform to current Electrical Regulations.

Download the Milos underfloor heating installation manual here:

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