Heating systems to match your interior design

Author: Rointe

Our simple guide will show you which Rointe heating system to choose depending on your interior design style.

Are you thinking of buying a heating system? Whether you’re searching for energy efficient radiators or electric towel rails, our simple guide will show you which Rointe heating system to choose depending on your personal style, and the interior design of your home. The question is are you minimalist or more vintage?

Interior design is important to many of us, as it embodies our personality and provides an opportunity to create that “wow factor” whenever someone visits your home. When a space is well-designed, it doesn’t just look good. Great design goes beyond colour, furniture and accessories to ensure that everything in the space serves a purpose and harmonises.

That’s why it’s important to consider your heating system as part of the interior design in your home. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, it can add to the style statement you want to make.

What heating system matches your interior design?


“Less is more”. Minimalist spaces are characterised by simplicity, order and the use of few but meticulously selected decorative elements. Think bare essentials, no clutter and clean lines.


In these spaces all the elements have almost the same characteristics, in design, shape and colour. The result is a timeless, modern and simple space. This sort of style deserves a heating system that will slot in with minimal fuss and neutral colours.

Our recommendation

A tall, narrow design that’s perfect for rooms where there is a lack of space, as they’re able to produce great heat output without sacrificing wall space. Available in classic colours like sandblast white or black, the Palaos is a great minimalist choice, giving you the freedom to install in simple spaces elegantly.

Our D Series designer radiators come in a variety of special finishes and colours. Like Traffic Grey which is perfect for minimalist spaces. The D Series radiator range includes WiFi and smartphone control for minimal effort in control and programming. Plus, these electric radiators are also compatible with Amazon Alexa for smarter heating from your sofa, home or on the go.


Nordic design has been a trend for years and many homes nowadays are opting for this style, as the result is a visually pleasing space. Often nicknamed “scandi” (short for scandinavian), it’s similar to a minimalist look, yet it brings in plenty of interest. Pops of colour, different textures (particularly grains like wood and marble) and craftsmanship create this interior design style, yet in an affordable way.


Light colours, the use of elements related to nature and the search for light are the main characteristics of this style. Choose high-quality, practical pieces that remain simple and last for years.

Our recommendation

With its straight bars and polished chrome finish, the Kyros towel rail is a great scandi style addition to your bathroom. It features 4 editable heating programs already installed for easy programming and can be controlled via the AIR or BASIC remote control. The Kyros towel rail is also available in classic white for a perfect scandi inspired interior bathroom design.

An affordable, yet high quality radiator, the Sygma got energy-saving features like Open Windows and optimisation technology, along with a classic white and slimline finish, making the Sygma a great option to match scandi interior design.


This interior design style stands out for its similarity to rural, countryside or mountain environments. The result is spaces that strike a balance between rough and comforting. It means lots of wood and stone, with earthy colours and a casual finish. It celebrates raw materials and brings the outdoors in.


Usually ornate spaces where wood, stone and natural elements are the main protagonists. The space should feel warm and comforting, with a no fuss attitude and a slightly unfinished appearance. 

Our recommendation

The Detroit finish of our D Series radiator uses a two stage mineral oxidation process, creating a rugged look with a subtle shimmer for a striking industrial effect. The earthy tones are unique to each radiator, perfect for urban architecture and a rustic look.

D Series DESIGNLINE Radiator in Detroit


This style is inspired by the uniforms of sailors, evoking feelings associated with the ocean. The classic two-tone effect of blue on white creates a simple but striking look. It’s a way of keeping the sea close to your heart by using different shades of blue against a white and adding coastal decorative accessories.


The navy décor is dominated by light spaces, a wide range of sailor prints and the use of characteristic blue lines.

Our recommendation

The new Elba towel rail is available in 2 widths and 4 heights, and with 3 different control panels to choose from you’re sure to find the right towel radiator for your bathroom, kitchen or utility room. It’s practical, efficient and available in classic white to combine with your navy blue wall for a sailors touch.

The pastel blue of our D Series DESIGNLINE radiator is a softer nautical touch that’s perfect for children’s bedrooms or play areas.


This style is characterised by the use of rounded shapes, soft lines and the occasional antique that evokes elegance and warmth. It’s subtle and emotive, using pastel or warm colours. 


Soft or muted colours and pastel shades are very common in the romantic style, as are patterns and decorative elements, which should convey luxury and exclusivity. Pinks and reds are a popular choice to combine with soft furnishings and florals.

Our recommendation

The Real Ruby Red towel rail is simple, stylish and elegant. It’s the perfect romantic choice for bathroom heating. It has a left side control panel and a ladder design with highly stylised bars for balance and luxury.

Pearl ruby red Towel Rail


Oriental design is linked to a zen-like atmosphere originating from the far east. It brings a sense of harmony, combining strong colours with florals and metallic accents. Largely inspired by the scenic landscapes of China, Japan and Thailand, oriental design reinterprets the natural world and creates wide, well balanced spaces.


The use of natural materials, mainly wood, and a wide range of colours in combination with touches of black and red are the characteristics of this style. A feng-shui inspiration.

Our recommendation