WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

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With a ✅ WiFi controlled radiator ✅, you'll be able to adjust and manage your heating remotely using your smartphone. Great for energy savings and comfort.

A wireless network or “WiFi” technology is what makes it possible for devices like computers or mobile phones to connect to the internet without cables. They can then exchange information with each other, creating a network to meet the needs of users.

With the arrival of the Internet of Things system, WiFi can now also be applied to many other devices, such as household appliances in our homes. Think lighting, music systems and heating. At Rointe we have applied this technology to our D Series electric radiators, making them a pioneer WiFi product in heating with high performance.

Did you know the official term is “Wi-Fi”, but other common aliases are used such as wifi, wi-fi, WiFi and wi fi. We’ll continue to use WiFi as our standard term because we like to be a little bit different. It also has an official symbol compromising yin and yang to certify its interoperability.

Universal WiFi symbol with yin and yang for interoperability

How does it work?

WiFi uses radio waves, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Your device will use commonly use a wireless adapter to translate data into a radio signal and then transmits that signal using an antenna. As those radio waves radiate out from the antenna, they are received by your wireless router. 

Your wireless router then converts the radio waves back into data and then sends it to the Internet using a physical connection. To get data from the Internet, this process is reversed.

Diagram of how WiFi works with radio and data waves

WiFi transmits at frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. This is important, especially for Rointe connected heating products and it must be 2.4 GHz or higher for them to work. These frequencies are much higher than those for cellular transmission. Higher frequencies mean signals can carry more data.

The average router has a range of about 100 ft. Now you’re probably wondering why if the range is quite large, you can’t get a signal standing next to your router? Well, it might be a physical barrier that’s the problem. Radio waves can pass through most types of materials but can be blocked by those that conduct electricity. It could potentially be interference. If you think of how many people are using WiFi across the planet, combined with other sorts of radio waves (including space), these waves often collide with one another. This interferes with your signal.

Do WiFi heating systems work differently?

Many “WiFi” controlled heating systems in the market are in fact, radio frequency control systems where your heating products are connected by RF868 to a central gateway. This gateway is then connected to your WiFi router, adding an extra step in the process.

These types of installations are expensive and difficult to install for users, plus they are not very reliable. If your central gateway fails, all your connected heating products go offline because they’re all linked together. They also usually have a limit of between 10 and 15 connections, so are not suitable for medium and large heating installations.

How a RF868 wifi controlled heating system works with a router and gateway

How are Rointe WiFi controlled radiators better?

The main difference between Rointe WiFi controlled products (like our radiators) and other competitors is that Rointe’s do not need an additional gateway or any other intermediate terminal for the system to work. Rointe WiFi controlled radiators only need a WiFi router and the Rointe Connect app for your smartphone, tablet or PC.

This is thanks to the fact that Rointe incorporates WiFi modules directly in the electronics (called Wi-Fi Inside) and our patented E·Life technology. This technology is the communications protocol developed by Rointe, which enables data exchange between Rointe WiFi controlled radiators and the Rointe Connect mobile control application, wirelessly and via the Internet.

There are many wireless control systems on the heating market that use Wi-Fi technology to control products, but none like Rointe’s E · Life technology. This offers an immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds between the Rointe Connect app and the Rointe heater. The changes you execute in the app will be instantly updated in your Rointe WiFi heating system.

How a Rointe WiFi controlled heating system works with your router

E · Life Technology never drops and has no device connection limit, so you can connect unlimited Rointe WiFi heating products which can be individually controlled. This feature makes it perfect for any type of installation: from a small home to large hotel chains, since the number of heating products you want can be controlled from the same application, Rointe Connect.

Rointe electric WiFi controlled heating system consists of D Series radiators and towel rails, Rome unvented water heater and CT2 thermostat for underfloor heating

Why should I choose Rointe WiFi controlled radiators?

When you choose WiFi controlled radiators, you’ll be able to take advantage of many more benefits to help manage your consumption and comfort more effectively. Rointe WiFi radiators are perfect for any home or property, combining style with efficiency:

Buy Rointe WiFi controlled radiators

Rointe WiFi controlled radiators provide efficient warmth and comfort using just your smartphone. Easy to install, choose from our standard colours (white and graphite) or our designer collection (DESIGNLINE) with special finishes like gold, marble and copper.


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