Rointe digital electric radiators are designed for all types of environments and to meet any thermal need. We ensure our radiators exceed your expectations for comfort, technology and efficiency.

High-quality, low consumption energy efficient electric radiators from Rointe.


We are a leading manufacturer of electric radiators in Ireland. Discover our extensive and efficient range at competitive prices.

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Rointe have been manufacturing electric radiators since 1985. Our success is guided by our experience and innovative methods. We stand out among other electric radiators on the market by replacing standard oil with high heat transfer oil, and our commitment to research and development. That’s why we often introduce new products in every heating season.


The careful choice of components and materials in our radiators make them second to none. High purity aluminium and armoured steel heating elements ensure maximum comfort and low consumption. 


New generation electric radiators.

We often look for energy-efficient electric radiators that are small, high-power products and, where possible, with wheels so they are portable from one room to another.

The choice of finishes has also always been very limited with substandard materials used to create a cheap product.

These solutions are unbalanced in terms of power and don’t obtain the desired comfort, energy efficiency or sustainability required in this modern era.

With Rointe electric radiators, we take heating to the next level.


Different electric heating elements and sizes for radiators.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, any heating product must be correctly sized. This means that not all models or sizes are valid for every room in your home or property.


Depending on the size of each room, a number of elements (the heating segments that form the electric radiator) will be necessary to heat the room properly. The balance between power and number of elements will make your heating 100% efficient and effective. We find that 110W per heating element is the optimum, which is what our energy-efficient electric radiators have (except for conservatory).


Quite simply, an electric radiator of 3 elements will never be able to heat a 12 m² room. So you need to ensure you choose the right size.


That’s where we come in. We provide a free, tailor-made, technical study for your installation to correctly size your heating needs.

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.


Easy to install, wall mounted radiators.

Our electric radiators are designed to be wall-mounted, with fixings and brackets supplied as part of the product. We also include a handy template for easy positioning.


They are easy to slide in and out of their mounting. However, the radiator sized for a particular room must not be installed in another, unless the conditions between the rooms are very similar.

Natural, even heat in every room.

Designed to offer maximum comfort, Rointe electric radiators utilise natural air convection.


We recommend mounting on the wall at a height between 10 and 15 cm from the floor. This guarantees the best natural convection throughout the room. Our electric radiators have a unique design: cold air is introduced at the bottom of the radiator and raises its temperature by passing through the interior of the element and expelling at the top as warm air.


This creates a heated air circulation with an airspeed of 0.1 m/s and allows a constant room temperature with a small variation of only +/-0.25ºC. Therefore, they are able to increase comfort and reduce consumption.

The perfect material for high thermal conductivity.

Aluminium is the perfect, high-quality material for our radiators as it provides maximum heat transfer without excessive consumption.


It has high thermal conductivity (209 W/m.K) for better product performance and faster heating times. It has the best price/conductivity ratio on the market and is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and non-toxic making it an efficient, yet high-quality option for Rointe electric radiators.


It’s also recyclable so a sustainable material to use. That’s why our radiators use high purity aluminium for their outer shell.


The perfect balance between elements and consumption.

Our electric radiators have the ideal design to heat a room. The interior fins favour natural air circulation to help reach the desired temperature quickly.


In addition, the balance between watts and number of elements ensures the most adjusted consumption dissipating the maximum heat to the environment. They have 110 W / element to provide balanced heat transmission, compared to others on the market that consume up to 160 W / element meaning they are less thermally balanced. This proportion is calculated by our R+D department and proven to be the ideal amount needed for heating a room.


A controlled watt per element design guarantees a low contact temperature, so the radiator is suitable for any environment (e.g. residential or commercial).


The most advanced thermal control electronics in the market.

All our electric radiators include the latest in advanced technology and electronics.


They are fitted with multi-layer circuits with ultra-low power microcontrollers that manage calculations and micro-breaks. Each radiator includes SMD technology, lithium batteries and triacs, along with a 1.77″ TFT screen.


In addition, each radiator incorporates energy-saving technologies, developed and patented by our R+D+I Department. They allow the room to be kept at a constant temperature without increasing energy consumption. These technologies generate a lower temperature fluctuation than other traditional heating systems due to micro pulses that send the correct amount of energy required at any specific moment. This produces only a +/- 0.25ºC variation in the ambient temperature to increase efficiency and ultimately, save you money.


Learn about our technologies (Fuzzy Logic Energy Control & Optimizer Energy Plus):

Stable & even heat transfer.

Rointe electric radiators are oil filled, with specifically formulated thermal fluid to provide maximum heat transfer in a product with circular conductivity.


The fluid used in each radiator is an exclusive mineral oil to provide better thermal stability that is more environmentally friendly.


This, combined with the usual working temperatures of the product, means a lower risk of corrosion whilst maintaining excellent thermal conductivity.


When fitted, Rointe electric radiator covers ensure no person or object can come in direct contact with the radiator surface. This eliminates the risk of accidents, burns or damage to the radiator and user.


It also prevents tampering with the radiator control panel to better manage energy effectively.


We recommend Rointe radiator covers be installed in high-risk buildings such as hospitals, children’s nurseries, care homes for the disabled or elderly, restaurants and other public establishments. 

Vertical radiators, or tall radiators, are becoming increasingly popular for their stylish design and ability to fit into narrow spaces when traditional horizontal radiators are too tight a fit.


That’s why we’ve introduced our new line of vertical radiators, Palaos. With a 100% aluminium body, compact control panel and high heat transfer thermal fluid, the Palaos vertical radiator is a modern heating option for both homes and commercial properties.


Available in white or black sandblast, the Palaos vertical radiator provides superior comfort in a stylish and efficient manner.

Lower surface temperatures
Rointe electric radiators work at lower surface temperatures, once the steady working rate is achieved, making them the ideal heating solution for installation in places with vulnerable people.
TFT screen
Rointe electric radiators include a 1.77" TFT screen, so users can see their consumption and programming easily.

In fact, our D Series range even allows you to change the screen colour to compliment your interior design.
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We take the quality of our products one step further. That’s why we’re able to offer the longest guarantees on the market. Our electric radiator aluminium bodies have 10 years guarantee with 3 years guarantee on the electronic components.

Plus if you choose the D Series or Kyros radiators and register you product online, we’ll give you an extra 10 years guarantee on the radiator body and an extra 1 year guarantee on the electronic components.

The new DESIGNLINE designer radiator range for D Series includes powder-coated RAL colours and special finishes. You can choose from a wide range of colours including white, black, grey and red radiators.

Electric radiators: FAQ

We manufacture radiators that include Fuzzy Logic Energy Control and Optimizer Energy Plus technologies, which increase savings without decreasing comfort. These technologies optimise the use of energy to control the temperature in a stable manner, to transmit warmth and well-being in the most efficient way. All our electric radiators include one of these 2 patented technologies, which reach an equivalent non-consumption coefficient of up to 62%.


This means that a Rointe D Series or Kyros electric radiator only uses, on average during a 24 hour period, 38% of its nominal power, saving energy during operation. 


Rointe radiators also manufactured using high purity aluminium, which is proven to be an excellent heat conductor with quicker heat up times. Click here to learn about our electric radiators

Electric radiators that are oil filled with can heat more quickly and retain heat for longer thanks to the specifically formulated thermal fluid properties. The oil is electrically heated, which creates a convection current inside the radiator. As the oil at the bottom warms, it moves freely around the radiator interior, allowing cold oil to fall in its place for heating. The heated oil then heats the aluminium radiator shell and the convection cycle begins in the room itself with the air.


Oil filled electric radiators are excellent at retaining heat so less energy is needed to increase temperatures in the room space. Even after you turn off, these radiators will continue to gently radiate heat and keep you comfortable because the fluid inside is designed to cool slowly. Click to learn more about oil filled radiators.

As they are not gas-based, electric radiators are not complicated to install. They are installed by drilling a few holes, using the template included for positioning (included with Rointe radiators) and connecting it to the electric supply. 


Click here to learn how to install a Rointe radiator.

Several factors influence the effectiveness of your heating system, therefore estimating your consumption and costs can be challenging.


We’ve done the hard work for you and calculated the estimated electric heating cost of Rointe radiators in an 80m2, 3 bed home in a cold climate zone of Ireland here. Click here to view our electric heating cost example.

A quick and easy way to calculate the size of the radiator required for any room in your home is by measuring the room in metres (length x width) to find the m2 and then entering the information into our BTU radiator size calculator.


You can also use the tables provided to estimate the radiator size required to correctly heat your room. Don’t forget to measure your ceiling height as this impacts the size required. When purchasing a Rointe radiator, it is important to remember that the success of our heaters is down to the correct sizing.