Rointe electric water heaters include advanced technology and safety functions for maximum efficiency and comfort.


Choose from a wide range of water heating systems including: unvented with storage capacity cylinders, compact under/over sink heaters, instant heaters and our latest air source heat pump.

High-quality, energy efficient hot water heaters from Rointe, ranging from energy class A+ to C.


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Compact unvented
10 / 15 L

Various Capacities

Our new range of domestic hot water (D.H.W.) electric unvented systems is now available. Choose solutions tailored to meet your hot water needs.


Rointe electric water heaters are manufactured with the highest quality components. From special enamel to protect the interior tank to the exclusive thermal break system, we ensure their reliability under any circumstance.


Manufactured with the latest advances in safety and consumption measurement, our electric hot water heaters are some of the most efficient on the market.


The enamelled steel tank of our electric water heaters has exceptional properties like corrosion and water leak prevention.


It’s sealed using a state-of-the-art plasma welding method that eliminates any risk of leakage. It is the most stable welding process with the highest degree of safety since it uses a lower welding temperature that avoids the use of additional materials.


To protect the tank from corrosion, its inner walls are covered with a layer of enamel vitrified 0.5 mm thickness.


Our electric water heaters are also manufactured with 3 cm thick polyurethane insulation to minimise heat loss, which is biodegradable and CFC-free, allowing us to help take care of our environment.


Save energy and prevent heat loss.

Rointe unvented water heaters have an exclusive thermal break system, which eliminates the thermal bridge between the tank and the external casing.


This prevents the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials, saving energy by preventing heat loss.


Thanks to this innovative design, our water heaters can reduce energy losses by up to 16%. 

We take the quality of our products one step further. That’s why we’re able to offer the longest guarantees on the market of up to 5 years on the interior of our water heating tanks and 3 years guarantee on the electronic components.

Choosing your water heating capacity.

Choosing the right tank size or water heating capacity for your water heater depends on a number of factors like the number of users in the household, types of hot water use and the type of property your water heating system is to be installed in.


Due to a large number of hot water cylinders available on the market, choosing the right hot water tank capacity can be daunting. However, you can use our simple guide to Rointe electric hot water heaters below to choose the correct cylinder volume for you:

1Sink / Shower4 – 15 litresVenice Compact
2Sink / Shower80 – 100 litresRome WiFi
3Sink / Shower / Bath150 – 200 litresRome WiFi | Dalis Pro Heat Pump
4Sink / Shower / Bath150 – 200 litresRome WiFi | Dalis Pro Heat Pump
5Multiple Sinks / Showers / Bath260 litresDalis Pro Heat Pump
6Multiple Sinks / Showers / Bath260 litresDalis Pro Heat Pump


Safety for you and your family.

Our unvented electric water heaters incorporate a protection system against legionella that raises the water temperature to 60ºC once a week, to destroy this dangerous bacteria.


Without this treatment, this and other harmful bacteria, which can cause infections and even allergic problems, appear when the water temperature is around 40ºC.


This disinfection cycle eliminates 99.9% of these pathogens so you and your family can enjoy hot water that’s safe and reliable.


See the hot water heating progress.

The Rome unvented electric water heaters include an exclusive function so you can see the progress of water heating towards the user established target temperature.


This gives you more control over your consumption and can help to save energy.

Increase your hot water volume.

Installed at the hot water outlet of unvented water heaters, the thermostatic mixing valve allows mixing with cold water from the supply network. The resulting mixed water is transported at a lower temperature, saving energy by minimising heat loss through the pipework.


It increases the available hot water compared to the tank capacity and lowers the risk of scalding.

How a thermostatic mixing valve for water heaters works

The increased amount of hot water available with respect to the capacity of the tank is known as the equivalent volume.


This equivalent volume represents the litres of water available at 39ºC, assuming the cold water temperature that enters the valve is 15ºC and the desired temperature is 73ºC.


80 litres32.9 litres112.9 litres
100 litres41.2 litres141.2 litres
150 litres61.8 litres211.8 litres
200 litres82.4 litres282.4 litres
260 litres107.1 litres367.1 litres

Electric water heaters: FAQ

Choosing the right tank size or water heating capacity for your water heater depends on a number of factors like the number of users in the household, types of hot water use and the type of property your water heating system is to be installed in.


Due to the large number of hot water cylinders available on the market, choosing the right hot water tank capacity can be daunting. However, you can use our simple guide to electric hot water heaters to choose the correct cylinder volume for you.

Widely available, the storage tank types of electric water heaters are the most common and heat water in a large volume for use throughout the day. Installation is fairly straight forward (for a professional) and quite often the least expensive. The water is heated by electric heating elements and then stored in a large specially insulated water tank for use on-demand throughout the day or night.

Instant electric hot water heaters (sometimes referred to as on-demand or tankless) provide hot water on demand by heating water instantly as it travels through the unit.


They do not store heated water for use at a later time. This makes them quite efficient as you’re only using energy when you need it.


Larger households with significant hot water needs can experience issues as a tankless system won’t keep up with demand. However, you can install multiple units to overcome these issues and they don’t take up much space.


They are rated in terms of how much water is heated per minute e.g. 4.6 litres/min and should be selected as such as opposed to the tank size in a storage water heater.

Heat pumps provide both space and water heating, as well as cooling in one system. They do not generate heat or convert electricity into thermal energy like conventional resistance heaters. Instead, they extract natural heat from one place and transfer it to another.


Heat pumps use electricity to apply a little more energy to raise the temperature to the level required. Whilst a heat pump will use an external energy source like electricity for the transfer process, the heat transfer can be three or four times larger than the electrical power consumed. This means that they have better energy efficiency than conventional electrical resistance heaters.


For example, if a heat pump produces 2.5 kilowatts of thermal energy, they actually use less than 1 kilowatt of electricity. Heat pumps can use up to 60% less electricity than traditional water heaters.


They can be quite large, so you’ll need more space for heat pumps. Because this water heater style relies on pulling heat from the ground or air around it, it will not work very well in cold spaces like basements or in climates where it is excessively cold for long periods throughout the year.


They can also be expensive to install, but it’s a great investment knowing you’ll spend far less on your heating bills.

Unvented electric water heaters heat water directly from the mains water supply. This means they benefit from higher pressure/flow rates and more balanced hot/cold water supplies and can be installed practically anywhere. They’re the ideal water heating system for properties with multiple outlets, like kitchens and bathrooms.


Vented electric water heaters are generally installed over the sink area. They have an open outlet, so rely on a tap or valve opening on the inlet side to displace the hot water stored in the heater. There are ideal for use with single sink needs like in a kitchen, surgery or office. It’s important to understand the difference, so you can search for the right electric water heater for your needs.

Electric water heaters are widely available and work well with conventional tank-type designs as well as tankless water heaters and heat pump systems. Modern electric water heaters are also extremely efficient as they convert all energy they use into heat for the water. Electrically powered water heaters heat using coiled elements and then act intermittently to maintain a pre-set temperature, therefore minimising energy wastage. They also don’t require as much maintenance as your typical gas heater.

Domestic hot water or D.H.W is the term coined for heated water intended for human use. The most common are the bath, shower or sink, but it’s also used for cleaning and household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.