Smart electric towel rails are the ideal bathroom heating solution.

Our efficient towel heaters are the perfect combination of design and technology.

Electric bathroom radiators.

Discover our range of high-quality, energy-efficient bathroom towel heaters. Equipped with many smart features including – user mode, 24/7 programming, E-life technology, WiFi inside, Amazon Alexa, and True Real Power for effective energy management.


Discover our extensive range of towel rails for bathrooms at competitive prices here.

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We have been manufacturing electric towel rails and radiators for bathrooms since 2001.


There are plenty of interesting features in our heated towel rails, especially if you’re searching for a comfortable and reliable bathroom heating solution. For example, our WiFi controlled electric towel rails provide the epitome of comfort and reliability when it comes to heating solutions for bathrooms. Giving you full control of your environment in just a few clicks.


Extra comfort for your bathroom.

The exclusive 2-hour boost feature of Rointe electric heated towel rails is an extraordinary function that you might use more often than not.


When activated, your smart towel rail will heat to its maximum power for 2 hours, regardless of the current temperature set. The D Series and Kyros take this function one step further, with a choice between extra power for 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes instead.


Thanks to this advanced functionality, your bathroom will reach maximum comfort in a short period of time, without being interrupted by the user. 


Easy to install, wall mounted towel rails.

Our electric towel rails are designed to be wall mounted, with fixings and brackets supplied as part of the product. We also include a handy template for easy positioning.


The towel rail, when sized for a particular room, must not be installed in another, unless the conditions between the rooms are very similar.


We recommend that they are positioned vertically, but never under a window. This would affect the thermostat reading, potentially causing excessive consumption.


Advanced control.

All our towel rails include the latest SMD technology and electronics, ensuring reliable and high-density connections.


These advanced electronics provide stability and better mechanical performance under vibration and shaking conditions, and a more lightweight and compact control panel.


Our electric towel rail control panels are fitted with multi-layer circuits with ultra-low power micro-controllers that manage energy output, helping you save energy.

Maximum safety.

All Rointe electric towel rails have Class II protection (double insulated). They do not require a safety connection to electrical earth (ground) when installed, as the Class II protection ensures sufficient insulation.


The control panel is manufactured from flame-retardant polycarbonate with additives that prevent colour degrading over time.


Stable & even heat transfer.

Our oil-filled electric towel rails for bathrooms contain a specifically formulated thermal fluid (water and propylenglycol) to provide maximum heat transfer through circular conductivity.


The fluid used in each towel rail is an exclusive fluid designed to provide better thermal stability that is more environmentally friendly.


This, combined with the usual working temperatures of the product, means a lower risk of corrosion whilst maintaining excellent thermal conductivity.

We take the quality of our products one step further. That’s why we’re able to offer the longest guarantees on the market of up to 10 years on our towel rail steel bodies. We even offer up to 3 years guarantee on the electronic components.

Designer towel rails.

Add luxury to your bathroom heating with the DESIGNLINE designer range of special finishes for D Series electric towel rails.

Electric towel rails: FAQ

Electric towel rails heat a room by natural convection.


The towel rail consists of a high heat transfer thermal fluid, which is heated by an electric heating element inside the body. The fluid is a heat reservoir, which is not burned. As the fluid heats up it circulates by convection, which in turn heats the metal body.


The warm metal surface then heats the air in the room, which rises as it warms. This allows cool air to flow into its place, creating a convection current.

Fluid-filled electric towel rails are excellent at retaining heat so less energy is needed to increase temperatures in the room space. Even after you turn off, they will continue to gently radiate heat and keep you comfortable because the fluid inside is designed to cool slowly. 

In a room such as your bathroom, where constantly high temperatures aren’t needed, electric towel rails are a fantastic idea. They’re efficient at heating the smaller spaces, great at warming your towels and are stylish too.


They are also safe to install in bathrooms if certain procedures are followed. You need to choose the correct place to install as bathrooms are defined as areas of increased electrical hazard, therefore they must be installed in certain positions or zones, and must be hard-wired unless the power socket is at least 3 metres from the bath or shower.


Please check the electrical regulations for towel rails before installing.

Smart electric rails with WiFi connectivity can greatly reduce costs through their energy-saving features, giving you the power to manage your heating costs effectively. Towel rails that include features like Open Windows and energy-saving technology can also help reduce consumption.


Additionally, properties running on renewable energy can reduce spending even further.

Electric heated towel rails can effectively replace a radiator as they function similarly but come in a reduced size that fits better with bathroom elements. Fluid-filled electric towel heaters are a popular out-of-the-box solution as they do not require a water system, making them ideal for bathrooms and toilets.

Heated towel rails are an efficient solution for drying towels whilst heating a room, keeping moisture levels low at all times. They are not ideal for drying clothes due to the variance in material composition from towels. We do not recommend you dry clothes or swimwear on our electric towel rails. You risk damaging the towel rail and the clothing item, which would not be covered by any guarantees.

No, electric towel rails do not need plumbing since they use formulated thermal fluid designed to provide better thermal stability whilst maintaining excellent thermal conductivity.

Not all heated towel rails have thermostats but nowadays most do. Initially, there was no need for a thermostat because dry rails were not plumbed to any water system.


Our towel rails include a safety thermostat and an internal thermostat in order to read room temperatures, ensuring they are kept as programmed.

As they are not gas-based, electric towel rails are not complicated to install. Simply use the positioning template (included with Rointe towel rails) to drill a few holes, mount the towel rail and plug it into the electric supply.


Or read our guide to learn how to install a Rointe electric towel.

A quick and easy way to calculate the size of the towel rail required for your bathroom is by measuring the room in metres (length x width) to find the m2 and then entering the information into our BTU towel rail size calculator.


You can also use the tables provided to estimate the towel rail size required to correctly heat your bathroom. When purchasing a Rointe towel rail, it is important to remember that the success of our heaters is down to the correct sizing.