At Rointe we are committed to you, our customers.


In the chaotic world of heating, it’s sometimes difficult to recognise which products or systems are truly efficient and suitable for bringing comfort and well-being to any type of home or business. There are many brands that promise the highest efficiency and the lowest consumption, but when it comes to proving it, they remain questionable.


Quite simply, we put you first. The needs of customers are at the centre of our organisation and are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’ve detailed our commitment to you here with our Customer Promise.

Happy family at home with Rointe electric heating systems


Our goal is efficient and environmentally friendly consumption, without unnecessary costs.


For this reason, we guarantee low electricity consumption of our products to all our customers. We even include our own patented energy efficiency technology to help lower consumption in our radiators.


We also want our customers to be able to see and manage the amount of energy the product is using. That’s why our electric radiators and towel rails come with an Efficiency Indicator, and with our connected heating range, you can monitor your consumption via the Rointe Connect app.


The success of our products is down to correct sizing.


This forms the basis for increased savings and energy efficiency. By determining the appropriate size system for the space required, we can determine the most balanced consumption for maximum comfort.


To optimise the performance of our products, we carry out a Technical Study, completely free of charge, to ensure your heating system adapts to each space in your home and your pocket.


Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.


With our WiFi controlled heating range (D Series, Rome & CT.2 thermostat), you have a complete heating system under 1 single control.


The connected heating range provides both air and water heating that you can control anytime, anywhere, with Rointe Connect – the smart app for our Rointe connected heating range.


Designed for easy management and control over cost and consumption, the connected heating range combines style and comfort with maximum efficiency and control.

Your installation


We want to make our products as easy to install as they are to enjoy.


That’s why we include a template and installation kit with our radiators and towel rails, and provide water heater installation kits and accessories for extra support and simple installation (sold separately).


We also have an extensive network of Trusted Installers you can choose from if you wish to have a professional installation.


No maintenance



One of the advantages offered by Rointe products is the fact they need virtually no maintenance.


Except for replacing the magnesium anode in our water heaters and keeping your products clean, there is no maintenance needed.


Customer satisfaction is important to us and so are low failure rates without breakdowns.  That’s why we offer security on all our products. Thanks to quality materials and advanced electronics, we can offer extended guarantees on the body and electronic components of all our products.

If you need advice, help or support, please contact our friendly team. They are here to help.


Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we want to ensure you have peace of mind when purchasing a Rointe product.


We offer extensive guarantees on all our products, including on the product body or tank and on the electrics and electronic components.


For example, we can offer up to 10 years on the radiator aluminium bodies and up to 3 years on the electronics. All you need to do is ensure you register your Rointe heating product online, then sit back and relax.

+ Guarantee extension +

We also offer a guarantee extension on the D Series and Kyros radiators.

Simply register these products online and you'll get:

· 10 years extra on the radiator body
· 1 year extra on the electronics

Regulations & standards



All Rointe heating products comply with the most demanding regulations in health, safety and quality.


We develop safe, reliable and clean electric heating products that respect the environment and your safety.


For example, our radiators and towel rails are manufactured in compliance with the ECODESIGN Directive. They meet and in some cases exceed the minimum required standards, providing a product that is fully Lot20 compliant.


Our own quality controls, plus those of external companies, provides you with maximum safety and reliability from each of our products. This distinguishes us from competitors and ensures we exceeded your expectations.

Rointe Customer Promise
comfort, warmth & well-being.