Rointe D Series WiFi towel rails are the ideal bathroom heating solution. The built-in WiFi module allows complete control from your smartphone with the Rointe Connect app.

WiFi heated towel rails for style and comfort in bathroom heating.

Part of the Rointe WiFi controlled heating range, the D Series WiFi towel rail guarantees thermal comfort without excessive consumption due to the balance between its materials, features and functions.


These heated towel rails have nominal power output up to 750 W, which helps to ensure they heat quickly and retain heat for longer.


The built-in WiFi module gives complete control over your towel rail temperature, consumption and heating costs directly from smartphones and tablets, at any time and from any place.

D Series WiFi 300 watt white, graphite and chrome electric towel rails

D Series 300 W

843 mm high

D Series WiFi 450 watt white, graphite and chrome electric towel rails

D Series 450 W

1,161 mm high

D Series WiFi 600 watt white, graphite and chrome electric towel rails

D Series 600 W

1,475 mm high

D Series WiFi 750 watt white, graphite and chrome electric towel rails

D Series 750 W

1,797 mm high


Exclusive 2 hour boost function that activates your towel rail to maximum power for up to 120 minutes. Your bathroom will reach maximum comfort in a short period of time.

Control by smartphone

Complete control over your D Series heating system 24/7 through your smartphone, tablet or PC using the Rointe Connect app. Available for iOS and Android devices, plus a web platform.

Consumption meter

The integrated TRUE REAL POWER meter in the towel rail electronics collects and sends information on the real energy consumption of your product to the Rointe Connect app for effective energy management.

Product guarantees

Customer satisfaction is important to us. That's why D Series WiFi towel rails include 10 years guarantee on the aluminium body and 3 years on electronic components.


100% European components.

Manufactured from high-quality steel, the practical and stylish D Series heated towel rail boasts optimum power output utilising high thermal transfer fluid.


The control panel is manufactured using fire-retardant polycarbonate and with additives to prevent colour degradation.


Designed with elegant curved lines and easy to install wall anchors close to the body, Rointe D Series WiFi towel rails will harmonise with the rest of your fixtures to improve the visual impact of your bathroom.

1.77″ TFT screen

Optimal viewing from any angle.

All Rointe D Series electric towel rails include a high contrast 1.77″ TFT screen,  so users can see their consumption and programming easily.


In fact, our D Series range even allows you to change the screen colour to compliment your interior design, using the Rointe Connect app.


With a touch control panel and optimal viewing from any angle, these towel rail heaters are ideal for any bathroom.

No gateways. No waiting.

Unlike other heating solutions, the high-speed connection between the built-in WiFi module and our E·Life technology means the D Series WiFi range does not need gateways, additional connections or terminals to communicate. 


Each product is independent of another and connects separately. So if one fails, the problem is isolated and does not affect any other product in your heating installation.


With real-time synchronisation and the fastest responding system on the market (immediate response capacity of 270 milliseconds), any change made via the Rointe Connect app updates instantly in your product.

House with Rointe WiFi controlled heating systems controlled by smartphone


Control where and when you need it.

Designed for easy management and suitable for every type of user, the Rointe Connect app gives you complete control of your heating system directly from your smartphone.


You can adjust temperatures, view real-time consumption, manage costs and lock each product remotely. Rointe Connect puts the comfort of your home in the palm of your hand.


Know your actual consumption, before the heating bill arrives.

Rointe D Series towel rails include a TRUE REAL POWER consumption meter that helps to increase savings. It collects and send information on the actual consumption of the product to the e·fficiency section of the Rointe Connect app.


This helps you to understand the efficiency of your D Series product and how it is used, by day, month or year in kWh. By inputting your tariff rate, you can see the cost and savings.

Discover the Rointe heating products and sizes you need for your installation in a few easy steps.

Smart control at the touch of a button.

Control your heating anytime, anywhere, with Rointe Connect – the smart app for our Rointe WiFi controlled heating range.

Play Video

Alexa, turn my heating on.

You can now control your products through Rointe Connect and Alexa.
It makes managing your smart heating system even easier.

With Alexa there’s no need to approach your products or the control panel. Using just your voice, you can remotely control your connected Rointe WiFi controlled heating system. Simply ask Alexa to perform your command and enjoy the effortless comfort of your home.


Amazon Alexa is compatible with the following Rointe products:


D Series radiators | D Series towel rails | Rome unvented water heaters | D Series* unvented water heaters | CT.2 thermostat | Smart Touch* thermostat

* D Series unvented water heaters and Smart Touch thermostats are discontinued and not available to buy.

Woman on sofa instructing Amazon Alexa to switch on her Rointe bedroom heating

Download the Rointe Connect app now.

Towel heaters for luxury bathrooms.

The Designline range for D Series is a unique collection of designer radiators and towel rails that will ensure your bathroom shines.

Technical specifications.

Dimensions, characteristics, performance & technology, electronics, communication, functions, installation, safety & regulations

Rointe D Series WiFi 450 watt towel rail in white, black and chrome
Width x height (with panel) x depth x installed depth

030 | 500 mm x 843 mm x 55 mm x 100 mm
045 | 500 mm x 1,161 mm x 55 mm x 100 mm
060 | 500 mm x 1,475 mm x 55 mm x 100 mm
075 | 500 mm x 1,797 mm x 55 mm x 100 mm
Built-in Wi-Fi
Smartphone control
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Armoured steel heating elements
Material: High quality steel
High heat transfer thermal fluid
Weight: from 13 to 25 kg
White RAL 9016 | Graphite | Chrome | DESIGNLINE special finish | DESIGNLINE RAL Colour
Performance & technology
True Real Power consumption meter
E·life technology & Wi-Fi inside
Nominal power:
White | Graphite | RAL | Special finish: 300W to 750W
Chrome: 300W to 600W

Voltage: 230 V ~

White | Graphite | RAL | Special finish: from 1.3 A to 3.26 A
Chrome: from 1.3 A to 2.61 A

Resistance: Class II protection
Control panel with touch control keypad
1.77" TFT screen with customisable screen colour
Wi-Fi communication
Smartphone control using Rointe Connect app
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
2 hour boost function
Anti-frost / Comfort / Eco mode
Manual / Automatic function
Open Windows function
24/7 programming
Adjust screen brightness
Nominal and effective power
Manage consumption and costs via Rointe Connect app
Easy to install
Wall mounted
Installed depth: 100 mm
Patented anchor system
Template & installation kit included
Safety & regulations
Safety thermostat
IP44 protection grade
2004/108/CE Electromagnetic comp.
2006/95/CE Low voltage directive
Lot20 compliant (UE 2015/1188 ECODESIGN ERP)
Guarantee: 10 years on steel body + 3 years on electronics
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