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Energy efficiency is the main topic on the minds of both manufacturers and installers, as well as the consumer. In EU households, heating and hot water alone account for 79% of total final energy use. These products generate an environmental impact that we all want to reduce.


With so much energy used across the continent, it’s not surprising to see new regulations in force to ensure manufacturers comply with the same set of rules to achieve a common objective of a reduction in energy consumption.


Do you know about the ECODESIGN directive and the Lot20 legislation? Delve deeper into the facts that define Lot20 here as we answer your FAQs.

Within the heating industry, not all products have the same level of performance nor are they manufactured to the same efficiency or eco-friendly design criteria. The ECODESIGN Directive is the European Commission’s new legislative change for energy-consuming products.


Its main aim is to ensure a reduction in energy consumption, by making manufacturers, such as ourselves, produce more energy-efficient products. Poorly designed or inefficient products will no longer be available to the market.


Each regulation is more commonly known as a “Lot”. Products that have similar functionality or purpose are grouped together into one “Lot” and each has its own set of specific rules. There are 37 regulations in total, therefore 37 “Lots”.


For Rointe, we are concerned with Lot20 as it applies to solid fuel local space heaters or local space heaters.

Lot20 of the ECODESIGN directive concerns local space heaters, including those with solid fuel.


It states that from 1st January 2018, all local space heaters that consume energy (electricity, gas or liquid) with a nominal heat output equal to or greater than 250W, must comply with a minimum energy efficiency standard.


Expressed as a percentage, it states that all relevant products must meet at least a 38% seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

The 1st January 2018. After this date, products that do not meet the Lot20 regulations can no longer be manufactured.


Products manufactured before this date can still be sold until stock clears.

The National Measurement and Regulation Office (formally known as the National Measurement Office) carries out the enforcement of Lot20 through product testing and market observation. Any manufacturer found to be in breach of the Lot20 legislation could face legal action and criminal prosecution.


If you wish to report a manufacturer for breach of the Lot20 legislation, please click here and include ‘ecodesign’ within the topic.

Lot20 aims to reduce the environmental impact of energy-consuming products by improving their design and performance.


These new requirements also aim to regulate an industry where previously, information and standards may have been blurred or confusing. Going forward, the eco-friendly design of heating products and their efficiencies will be graded by one common clear regulatory standard across Europe, the Lot20 regulation.

Lot20 affects local space heaters. These include:

Electric radiators

Electric towel rails

Underfloor heating

Infrared heaters

Panel heaters

Storage heaters

Direct acting heaters

Portable heaters

Radiant heaters

Electric fires

Gas fires

If you are a consumer, landlord or housing association, you do not need to change or replace your existing heaters. The Lot20 regulation affects manufacturers only. Just be aware that from 1st January 2018, manufacturers are no longer allowed to design, develop or produce products that do not meet the Lot20 standard.


However, products manufactured before this date that are not compliant can still be sold on the market until the stock has cleared.

To ensure that consumers can identify compliant products, manufacturers must include a label on the packaging. They must also include certain information on their websites, brochures and instruction manuals that includes:

Heat output

Auxiliary electricity consumption

Type of temperature control (F2 compliance type)

Any additional features (F3 compliance type)


We have an ECODESIGN badge so our customers can easily identify compliant products on our packaging, website and instruction manuals. See below:

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (or SEER) is a calculation, expressed as a percentage, that all products affected by Lot20 must meet to comply with the regulation. This value is obtained from an initial value defined in the regulations and by either adding or subtracting by a value that is determined by a series of factors that increase or decrease, based on the product performance.


For all local space heaters (such as electric heating), the minimum value must be equal to or greater than 38%.

All electric heaters start with the same initial value of 30%. This is a benchmark from which high efficiency, eco-friendly designed products can be distinguished from their inferior performing competitors. A series of product performance factors are then applied to each product which awards extra percentage points if they are met.


The first factor is based on the type of temperature control that the product employs. Products with a simple control or without a control receive a value of 0%. Products with interior temperature control and weekly timer, such as our next generation heaters, get a value increase of 7%.


The second factor is based on the benefits derived from special functions that specifically improve energy efficiency. Our next-generation heaters incorporate interior temperature control software with open window detection. They also include remote controls (sold separately) and an adaptable start-up control, all of which adds a further 3% to the initial 30% value that all electric heaters have.


The third and final factor that affects the seasonal energy efficiency ratio is product energy consumption while in standby mode. Rointe next generation heaters have a standby consumption below the required limit, thus complying with the Lot20 regulations and improving the product’s efficiency.


In summary, our next generation heaters would obtain a seasonal energy efficiency ratio value of 40% – well above the minimum required by Lot20 regulations. See calculation below:

The Lot20 regulations states that the consumption and emission for space heaters must be reduced by applying “existing, non-proprietary technologies” without an increase in the purchasing and operating costs.


This means that the initial purchase price may increase but the lifetime running costs will be lower.

No, it shouldn’t. The legislation is unlikely to be overturned altogether as no matter the country; energy efficiency is a common goal.


The Lot20 regulations come into force before the UK leaves the EU and trade will be reliant on providing products of a similar standard across the UK and Europe.

If advertised, guarantees must be upheld by law.


All our affected products are compliant from 1st January 2018 and our standard product guarantee still applies. View our guarantee page to discover more about the Rointe guarantee or speak to one of our experts to check which guarantee covers your product.

Space heaters (or local heaters) are appliances used to heat a single area in which they are located. They are powered by consuming electricity or a burnable fuel such as gas, propane, fuel oil or wood pellets.

New or extra technology can be confusing for some customers. However, the extra technology that will now be incorporated in appliances ensures that the product complies with the new minimum energy efficiency standard.


It will contribute to increased energy efficiency and decreased running costs, therefore a positive factor for the consumer and the environment.

A manufacturer:

You cannot produce or import non-compliant products from 1st January 2018.


An installer:

You must check the product you install that are manufactured after 1st January 2018 are compliant. We recommend that every installer checks this as it will give your customers confidence and security that they receive the best quality product.

It is also an opportunity to recommend smart technologies and ensure maximum efficiency.


A wholesaler:

Even though non-compliant products cannot be manufactured from 1st January 2018, they can still be sold after this date until they are cleared. This means from 1st January 2018 the products you buy or recommend will change as the new legislation comes into force.


A consumer:

You can be confident that you have a better quality of product using the latest smart technology. This will help keep energy costs to a minimum and increase your control over efficiency, costs and products themselves.

You do not need to replace your existing heaters, but be aware that non-compliant products can still be sold if they were manufactured before 1st January 2018. Your purchase options will have changed meaning a better future for your home, property and potentially your pocket.


A landlord/housing association:

Due to the new legislation, your property energy ratings may increase due to the improved efficiency of products. Your tenants may notice decreased running costs if a compliant product is installed within the property.

You do not need to replace your existing heaters, but be aware that non-compliant products can still be sold if they were manufactured before 1st January 2018. Your purchase options will have changed meaning a better future for your property and potentially the pocket.


A contractor:

You must check the product you purchase or install that are manufactured after 1st January 2018 are compliant. We recommend that every contractor checks this as it will give your customers confidence and security that they have the best quality product.

It is also an opportunity to recommend smart technologies and ensure maximum efficiency.

If you have questions on how Lot20 affects Rointe products then send us an email to or call us on 01 553 0523.


Alternatively, you can fill out our online form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Just type “ecodesign” or “Lot20” as the subject.


You can also visit our dedicated website on Lot20 by clicking here.

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