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Rointe installer mounting a Rointe towel rail to the wall

How to install a Rointe towel rail

Contents1 Tools required to install2 Recommendations for positioning your towel rail3 Classification of bathroom zones for heated towel rails:4 Towel rail installation process5 Video tutorial6
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Rointe installer mounting Rointe electric radiator to wall

How to install a Rointe radiator

Contents1 Tools required to install2 Recommendations for positioning3 Radiator installation process4 Video tutorial5 Find a Rointe installer Tools required to install It’s really simple to
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Oil filled radiators

Oil filled radiators are a popular heating choice as they encompass a wide range of styles: portable, electric, wall mounted etc. They are an efficient
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Aluminium radiator casings without oil or electronics

Aluminium radiators

Nowadays there are many materials in the development and manufacture of radiators, such as steel, cast iron, stone or aluminium. Aluminium radiators make the best
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Designer radiators

Designer radiators: the latest trend Designer radiators can be used in your electric heating system and are an ideal decorative replacement for more traditionally styled
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