Rointe introduces the two-way infrared remote control to keep your Rointe heating perfectly programmed – the AIR Control.

Remote heating control in your hands.

The infrared AIR remote control arose from the need to allow complete control of all Rointe heating products via a single device. This smart heating control allows you to easily manage and program your Rointe heating products comfortably from your couch.

This smart remote control offers the possibility of creating special programs and schedules for Rointe electric radiators, towel rails and water heaters, as well as controlling the temperature or viewing the active modes of these products.


Rointe product and AIR remote control.

Rointe AIR Control has a wireless two-way infrared connection. This easy to use remote control makes it possible to create, send and receive schedules to your compatible heating products in a convenient and simple way.


It also allows you to lock the control panel of compatible Rointe products. This functionality prevents other people from manually modifying the programming or the temperature set.


Compatible with:   Kyros | Sygma | Siena digital water heater


Optimum visualisation from any angle.

With a 1.77″ TFT screen, the AIR Control offers you all information clearly from any angle. You can also adjust the screen brightness of the ON or STAND-BY mode to suit your needs.


Dedicated keys for advanced functionality.

The AIR Control has a compact keypad with 20 push buttons, divided into 3 different zones. You can carry out commands, create advanced programs, control the temperature and activate modes with ease.


Create your own programs with the AIR Control and send them to all products in your Rointe heating installation. It will help save energy by managing switch on/off of your products and heat according to your needs.



Clean, compact and efficient design.

A transparent wall support bracket is included with the AIR Control so you can store the remote in a safe, convenient place.


This functional accessory helps avoid the remote being dropped, lost or damaged when not in use.

Compatible with:

Kyros | Sygma | Siena water heater


The AIR Control has a guarantee of 3 years.

Technical specifications.

Dimensions, characteristics, electronics, communication, functions, installation, certifications

Width: 54 mm
Height: 177 mm
Depth: 21 mm
Installed depth: 25 mm
Weight: 115 g
Material: PC/ABS
Finishes: White
Transmitter battery: 3Vdc
Battery: 2 x 1.5 AAA
Two-way infrared
1.77" TFT screen
Compact keypad
Transmitting range: 3 m
Reception range: 1 m
24/7 programming
Manual / Automatic function
Remote product lock
Erase programming memory
Display nominal & effective power
Adjust screen brightness
Wall support bracket included
Installed depth with wall support: 25 mm
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