Water heater installation kit – Dalis heat pump

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Compatible with unvented water heaters from Rointe for Dalis heat pump only.


A mandatory installation kit for all models of Rointe Dalis heat pump domestic water heaters. Consists of a pressure-reducing and relief valve, expansion vessel and tundish.

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Compatible with unvented water heaters (Dalis heat pump from Rointe only).


It is mandatory for all models of unvented domestic hot water heaters to be installed with an installation kit, including Rointe Dalis heat pumps. This kit is composed of an expansion vessel, tundish and pressure-reducing and relief valve.

Product Reference KITKW03
Compatible with Dalis heat pump (200 litres and 260 litres)
Expansion vessel 18 litres (0.1 Mpa)
Tundish 15 - 25 mm
Pressure reducing valve 0.35 Mpa
Relief valve 0.60 Mpa
EAN code 8436045914354
PLEASE NOTE See scheme diagrams to left

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