Hooks & hangers – towel rail accessories

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Whatever the size of your bathroom or however many people use it in the morning rush, these towel rail hangers will help organise your space and dry towels more effectively.


This essential accessory with two towel rail hooks included, allows you to place more towels, or even hang bathrobes, on your Rointe electric towel rail (without exceeding the maximum supported weight of 1 kg). So your warm and dry towel is nearby when you’re ready to step out of the shower or bath.


Compatible with: D Series | Kyros | Sygma

EAN code:

A pack of 2 hangers exclusively designed for Rointe electric towel rails. This essential accessory with two towel rail hooks allows you to place more towels, or even hang bathrobes, on our electric towel rails.


Compatible with: Sygma, Elba + Milano


* Maximum supported weight of 1 kg per hanger.

Product Reference
A - Height 35 mm
B - Depth 70 mm
Max. supported weight 1 kg
Material Steel
Units per pack 2
Finish White | Graphite | Chrome
EAN code (white) 8436045917010
EAN code (graphite) 8436045917041
EAN code (chrome) 8436045917027

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Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, along with offering a high-quality product. That’s why this product is guaranteed for 3 years.


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