The AIR Control infrared remote control stems from the need to integrate in one device control of all products that make up the KYROS Series heating systems. Its ergonomic design is perfectly suited to any user and has easy to use keys.

Made of flame retardant polycarbonate with high resistance to impacts, and an elegant design 21 mm in depth for a comfortable operation.
Functional accessory that allows the remote control to be always in the same place, avoiding dropping and losing it.
Electronic multilayered surface mounting with built-in Rointe ULP4 Ultra Low Power microcontroller.
Latest generation TFT display 1.77 “ and high contrast for optimal viewing from any angle.
Bi-directional wireless connection enables programming that, once sent to the product, can be received and copied into another product.
Composed of twenty keys divided into three distinct zones corresponding to the days of the week, programming and power and auxiliary functions.
Includes two long lasting alkaline batteries of type AAA 1.5 V.
Finish: lacquered in colour RAL 9010 high gloss white.
Total security with 2 years warranty on all electronic components.