The industry dedicated to the heating sector, either to final consumers or large projects,  is undergoing major changes resulting from the introduction of new European regulations  such as the recent implementation of the ERP standard as well as the requirements of demand for products that are more ecological, beautiful, dynamic, manageable, etc … Knowing all these details and as a company with over 30 years’ experience in the world of electric heating,  we,  at Rointe,  welcome the new year examining five of the most important trends that will define the heating market this year.

1-. Energy efficiency


Users are demanding more products that are able to give their best in terms of power and capacity but with an increasingly tight energy consumption. Also European regulations like ERP demand devices that use renewable energy (such as electricity from hydro and wind power plants) as well as consumption information that is ever the more accessible. We have solved all these challenges in energy efficiency  with our “DELTA Ultimate” product range which is the first in the world to incorporate radiators, towel heaters and thermos with an internal WiFi module that allows you to have access to all the features of each device from a mobile, computer or tablet thanks to our patented E•Life technology. Also, by having a True Real Power consumption meter incorporated, the user can always check their exact energy consumption in real time and even calculate their estimated monetary expenditure by inputting the price per Kwh. The future is already in ROINTE  “Delta Connect”.

2-. Design and innovation


In an increasingly globalized world beauty is no longer an option. Homes, restaurants, hotels, residences, etc. all demand efficient heating but wrapped in a beautiful design with curved lines which turn radiators and towel heaters into a trim product for any room. Beauty, design and innovation are three concepts that Rointe has taken into account for its products for a long time. In fact, for our latest product line, “Delta Ultimate”, we have incorporated a curved line design and the material is 100% cast aluminum which comes in two finishes, black and white, which make this range one of the most beautiful in the whole sector. Check out our catalogue and enjoy our designs.

3-. Automation and controllability


We are in the era of home automation and the application of technology at home. At Rointe we are pioneers in applying the latest technology and electronics to our devices and the result of this effort is our radiators and towel rails in the DELTA Ultimate range. This range is the first on the market that allows you to control, via a mobile App, any device you have associated in order to have full control of each radiator. You can manage the temperature of each room or even the whole house for example.  The programming possibilities are limitless. Would you like to know more? Visit Rointe Connect on our website and enjoy because the future is already here.

4-. Easy to use


Bringing technology to the final consumer is a challenge for all the great IT geniuses. At Rointe we have created innovative and easy to use devices which can be controlled via the control panel built into each radiator or towel rail or by using integral remote control which you can use with all the products or by using the “Rointe Connect” App from a computer, mobile phone or tablet. It has never been so easy to manage a heating system with so many different management options. Welcome to the “DELTA Ultimate” era.

5-. Security


Radiators that do not burn on direct contact, remote locking, controllability from anywhere in the world to know if you have left a device on by accident and to be able to turn it off from your mobile … At Rointe we have incorporated the latest advances in terms of safety so that our “Delta Ultimate” devices are 100% safe, easy to manage and controllable wherever you are.

Not only that…..At  Rointe we are already thinking about what the trends will be in the heating sector for 2017 to continue being at the forefront of the sector and offer our customers what has not even been invented yet. We are pioneers, leaders and we are committed to R & D.

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