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Here you will find all sort of videos regarding heating, radiators, towel rails, water heaters and our latests  developments in technology.

Delta Ultimate System – The new era of technology low consumption electric digital heating has arrived with Delta Ultimate System.

Discover the first radiator with built-in Wifi.

3:31 min

rointe heating

Do you have any doubts on our Rointe Digital Integrated System?

In Rointe Heating TV we have a lot of short videos about our electric radiators, towel rails and water heater.

Rointe Heating TV helps you in installing and knowing much more about each device. Join the Rointe Heating world.

With more than four hours of content, on Rointe TV you can find three playlists on our Kyros and D Series with Delta Ultimate Range. Besides, on our Rointe Connnect Channel you can also find several tutorials with any information that you need to know including tutorials using the APP Rointe Connect.

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Rointe Heating new pet

We are getting a staff pet. Can you help us to choose a name? Write us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #Rointecat and share with us your ideas.

1:18 min

Playlist from Rointe UK Channel

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Digital Low Consumption Heating System

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