Electric Heaters with low consumption and much more

In Rointe we have 30 years’ experience in the heating sector offering our customers our most advanced products, with exclusive and patented technology and a unique installation and consulting service. Whatever the needs for your house, residence or hotel Rointe has an economical, low power consumption and effective solution.

We are currently working in the UK on some important and prestigious projects such as the Manchester Metropolitan University and residences and public housing like Michael King and Great Places Houses.

Our aim is to show that another type of integral heating is possible and we do this by selecting high quality materials, electronics and the development of our low-power technology Fuzzy Logic Control. We work with the best because we are able to provide quality and comfort in our heating systems, both low consumption radiators and electric towel heaters. But we also offer an extra component: The maximum controllability of the devices through a mobile or tablet thanks to our App Rointe Connect.

Improve the heating in your home or any building easily, simply and controllably. In Rointe, we are confident that it’s possible to reduce energy consumption of any building by using our low consumption radiators, both Kyros and Delta Ultimate, as our products do not need to activate all their power to maintain a constant temperature of 21 degrees. This power saving is the secret to reducing energy consumption and therefore the energy bill.

We are specialists in thoroughly studying our projects and we advise on how many products are needed in order to improve the energy efficiency of the facilities.

Contact us and we will prepare a specialized project for your needs. And for large projects we conduct actual tests to verify the decrease in power consumption and the stability of our products. Discover first-hand how the Rointe products work and you can measure yourself the results, calculate the savings and know the cost of the installation. . You will be amazed at the outcome.
Let us show you the quality of our research service and custom installation designs as well as our technical assistance.

Change to the Rointe low consumption electric heating and discover our Kyros range or take a step further in the ability to access and control of your devices, by installing our Delta Ultimate range with Wifi Inside with full control via Smartphone or tablet.

What can we offer you?

1-. A major improvement in energy consumption which translates into cost savings.

electric heaters

2-. An Integral design in various finishes (white and graphite) so your facilities will be warm and comfortable without losing any elegance.

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3-. Maximum control of devices

electric heaters

The Delta Ultimate range with radiators and towel heaters is the first system which has full control of the products from a mobile or tablet. This is possible thanks to our patented technology “E – Life” and the “Rointe Connect” application which is available for both Android and Apple.

With the Delta Ultimate we offer you superior quality finishes of our devices and the same guarantee of low consumption but we also have the added advantage of full control of your whole heating system that will delight even the most demanding consumer.

Maximum energy efficiency not only by low consumption but also by the intelligent and responsible control of the system made possible via a Smartphone.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the needs of your building, home, residence, hotel or other facility and prepare a professional installation for you.

For more information go to www.rointe.ie or call us on 01432 598019