The Radiator made to Perfection. 

D series with DELTA Ultimate technology, the new radiator including Wi-Fi inside.

The new D series radiator with DELTA Ultimate technology is born from the merging of the most advanced technology, the versatility of the WiFi control and the most innovative design.

White D series Radiator
Graphite D series Radiator

True Real Power

The D series radiator with DELTA Ultimate technology has a built in smart data consumption meter so we can see in detail the actual energy consumption of the product.

This meter sends the data to the Rointe Connect App, from where the end user can view the power consumption and work out the real cost of the energy used by introducing the unit cost of the kWh.

E·Life technology & Wi-Fi Inside

Control your heating anytime, anywhere.

Radiator with integrated WiFi module as part of the electronics. 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, controlability through your smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere, with only a simple internet connection.

How does E·Life technology works?

The unique E·life Technology guarantees maximum controllability of your D series with DELTA Ultimate technology heating system, facilitating easy control and management of all the functions necessary to become energy smart, to obtain the máximum energetic savings and the best comfort.

Discover how it works

Product range available in 7 different sizes.

With the security that we offer with a 10 year warranty on aluminium and 2 years on electronics and electrical components.

D series Graphite Radiators

Models, sizes, voltages and products technical sheet with detailed features.

D series
White Radiators

Models, sizes, voltages and products technical sheet with detailed features.

E·life technology

Discover how our E-Life system works.

Rointe Connect App

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