Heating for the future. What´s new?

There´s a lot of different heating systems: Storage heaters, electric radiators, panel heaters, water radiators… You can choose one or another in function of each situation, but the future of those heating systems moves in the same direction. The only direction possible. Why? Because the consumer knows exactly what they want.

Internet is changing the relationship between consumers and their services, because with wifi technology and smartphones people gain the opportunity to have the control of the most important things in their life.

With a smartphone everyone can chat, talk with their friends but also, for example, check in to a hotel, check their bank account or control their health. There´s a world of possibilities, so the heating world can´t stay quiet during this rapid growth period. Panel heaters, storage heaters, oil radiators, electric radiators, water radiators or whatever must get ready to grow in terms like controllability, accessibility and of course, efficiency.

What a heating consumer wants?

Not only heat, they want heating when they want, like they want. In that case, heating companies must to be able to offer a low consumption heating that at the same time gives them the opportunity to control everything. Control the temperature, control the power, check the consumption in real time, even check the amount ,of that consumption in pounds, and all these new services that the heating consumers want, are very difficult to get… Or not?

With a storage heater or a panel heater, a consumer can only control the basic aspects of their devices, like on/off buttons and maybe with some of the newest models, know the temperature of a bedroom. That´s a good point, but… Why don´t we move along?

Heating when you want, like you want

In Rointe we are always thinking of our customers. In fact, we think like we were the most demanding consumers. We want quality, we want low consumption, we want design, we want to control through a smartphone… We want everything, and we want it NOW.

That´s the reason why we created our D Series with Delta Ultimate Technology, the first and only electric radiator, electric towel rails and water heaters with Wi-Fi Inside and an exclusive technology, our E-Life Technology that improves us to another level.

Our radiators, towel rails and water heaters can be totally controlled through our Rointe Connect APP on a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc…

What does that mean?

With The D Series with Delta Ultimate Technology, Rointe have created new devices that can be independently managed through a smartphone. But not only the power function of the devices. Rointe Connect is much more.