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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

/Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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This is the anti-legionnaire cycle. It is a function that by law, has to take place in the cycle of water heaters installed in the UK.

This function is invoked when the room temperature sensor detects a drop of 4ªC from the user-assigned temperature over a half hour period. Under these circumstances, the function will apply anti-frost mode (8ºC) for 2 hours, reverting to normal functionality at the end of this period, or when the user intervenes by pressing the ON/OFF button.

Our radiators are designed to be wall mounted and sized according to the space they are heating, therefore we do not manufacture feet for them.

Yes, you can either contact Rointe Support on (+44) 1432 598 024 / or visit your local electrical wholesaler and they will be able to help you.

On the Kyros range, you will need to manually adjust the time (please refer to the instruction manual). The Delta Ultimate range will automatically update as long as they are working with Wi-Fi.

Yes, the radiator has a long life lithium battery installed in it, to record all the programming requirements.

It is either the brightness that can be changed by following the instructions in the manual or the radiator could be locked, which can be unlocked by holding down the + & – key at the same time for 3 seconds.

To find that out you would need to get in contact with the sales department at Rointe.

The electronics have a 2 year warranty and the body has 10 year warranty on the K series and the Delta Ultimate. The Kyros range has 3 years on the electronics and 20 years on the body.

It means the FUZZY LOGIC ENERGY CONTROL is working at its optimum with the system, the temperature has reached the desired heat.