In Rointe Heating we apply the latest in R & D, materials and resources to create electric radiators and towel rails that makes life easier

Comfort and convenience in the home are basic and necessary for your home to be a place to relax, spend quality time with your family, talk, have fun etc. The cold can play tricks on us when we get home and, as much as we try, we can´t get warm fast enough. Having a good heating system, tailored to your geographical area and your day to day needs, is critical when it comes to assuring comfort and tranquility when you are at home.

In Rointe we are committed to giving your home the warmth and comfort needed. A mixture of quality materials, advanced electronics and patented technology help us shape smart systems which are easy to handle, even from your tablet or mobile.

How do we do it?

electric radiators

Our heating system  DELTA Ultimate allows you to control from anywhere, and whenever you see fit, the condition of your heating with your electric radiators or towel rails.  You can decide the time when it is turned on or off and can regulate the temperature to suit your needs, all thanks to E • Life technology.

With no difficult settings and using a simple interface from your mobile device. In one click you can access the wealth of data that will allow you to manage the consumption of your heating at any time. You can even calculate the actual consumption by inputting the price per kilowatt/hour. It could not be easier.

The effectiveness of our DELTA Ultimate electric radiators is not only thanks to E • Life real-time technology to synchronize the heating of your home. The 100% aluminium used (including radiator end caps and control panels) and the curved design helps achieve maximum efficiency in the distribution of heat evenly. The system is capable of generating the required temperature and distributing the heat evenly in the room, including the floor, while it keeps the relative humidity to ensure a more than comfortable experience.

Heating to make your life easier

electric radiators

When it is cold it can be hard to have a pleasant atmosphere and some traditional heating systems take too long to warm the room and leave you with a feeling of tranquility and comfort in your home.  Having a heating system that manages to incorporate into our home the ideal temperature in the shortest possible time and, in addition, temperature control in each room at all times, gives us quality of life. Rointe means quality and energy saving which helps us keep control of our electricity usage which is important given the importance of climate change.  Our radiators have a percentage of non-consumption of up to  62% of their rated power. A saving more remarkable in the world of cutting-edge technology which everybody will be talking about.

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