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What is an efficient heating? Low consumption and maximum control. This is the Ultimate DELTA range of products, all under the Rointe linked to the latest technology in control devices via E • Life technology and Rointe App Connect.

These are the Delta Ultimate radiators and towel rails.

Today we would like to talk about the benefits that Delta Ultimate devices bring to any home, whether it is big or small, to ensure you always keep your comfort temperature. To get this comfort it is not enough to just have a temperature in a room, but it must be achieved with the minimum air speed possible and low relative humidity. Only then we have a temperature of between 18 and 23 degrees (the range where people feel comfortable)) with the best possible quality.

But we already knew that in Rointe.

We have 30 years in the heating world and have developed our own technology to give homes, residences and buildings of all kinds, high quality comfort. However, we have not stopped there. Rointe has always been committed to get that comfort with the lowest possible energy costs. By developing an innovative design, using the best materials and our professional sacrifice we produced our Sygma and Kryros ranges some years ago which had Optimizer Energy Plus technology achieving low yields and leading the market in consumption.

But we have not stopped there. In Rointe we like to go further and we have developed the first comprehensive system of low energy heating with integrated automation so that any user can control all the devices in their home total manner from your mobile or tablet,. Switch on, switch off, program, activate fixed modes, increase and decrease temperature, check energy consumption and check how much they are consuming in monetary terms are some of the many advantages of DELTA ULTIMATE range of devices. The latest from Rointe.

Want to know the difference between having Rointe heating in your home or not?

You will not have to worry or move when you want to switch on, switch off or prepare the heating for a room. Rointe Connect does it all for you. The Delta Ultimate products are designed with Wi-Fi Inside meaning that they have an integrated wireless module. Therefore there is no need to install any other device in order to access your radiators or towel rails. They can be accessed from the app that you install on your mobile or tablet. Just like that, without more devices. Easy, intuitive and efficient.

In Rointe we understand that energy efficiency has a technical component and a human factor. The Ultimate Delta uses devices with low-power technology ensuring that they only require to use 40% of the total power of the device claiming to achieve and maintain the temperature of comfort. We improved our Optimizer Energy Plus technology by creating and patenting the Fuzzy Logic Energy Control which achieves a saving of 6 percent compared against our Optimizer technology. This energy saving can be seen without a doubt in the monthly bills.

But not only that. Delta Ultimate has taken a giant step in human energy efficiency by giving each user the opportunity to manage and customize their consumption by way of the Rointe Connect App. which allows an intelligent use of the devices such as the ability to switch them on and off, programming, changes in temperature and checking real-time consumption and expenses with a simple click.

Energy efficiency in three dimensions.

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