In its continuous commitment to innovation, progress and adaptation to the latest technologies and market needs, the R&D department and the Rointe IT department joined forces to develop the E-Life Technology together.


No gateways or intermediate terminals needed for communication

E·life Technology only needs a connected Wi-Fi network.


Cloud servers with unlimited device connections

Firewall protection for stored data.


Multiplatform system suitable for any operating system*

Designed for iOS, Android and web platform for other devices.

*iOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher and the latest versions of browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

E·life Technology is our direct communication system with real time synchronisation applied to heating.

Thanks to the quick response of the new tecnology that E·life Technology uses, D series with DELTA Ultimate technology instantly updates with any changes made using the linked Rointe Connect App.

Direct Communication From Your Smartphone Or Tablet To Your Delta Ultimate System?

Unlike other similar heating systems with Rointe DELTA Ultimate the connection of each of the E-Life products that comprise this system is performed independently and directly through its Wi-Fi Direct technology, which requires no exchanges or intermediate terminals.

This individual and immediate connection of each of the products that make up the Rointe DELTA Ultimate heating system ensures that your heating and hot water system will continue to work at all times even if the the connection to one product is lost.

Furthermore, no external elements are needed to control the system, the user need only connect to the Internet from his/her smartphone or tablet and monitor his/her heating and DHW via the Rointe Connect App. Rointe DELTA Ultimate an easy and convenient way. Nothing could be simpler!

How does the E-life technology work?

“From a Smartphone, Tablet or computer at any time or place, the user can access to the Rointe Connect App and control all the features, modes and functions of their D series with DELTA Ultimate technology system.”


“The data is encrypted via the Internet to our servers in the cloud where it is stored. Changes are resent back to all the D series with DELTA Ultimate technology products.”

Cloud Security

“All products are instantly updated with any changes made so that when you get home the house is at the temperature you have set it to.”

D series System with DELTA Ultimate technology