In the heating sector there are many ways to heat an area. But … Is it the same to heat and to be comfortable? Are all forms of heat equally healthy? Today in Rointe’s blog we are going to talk about heat, storage heaters , heating, comfort and more.


The cold has arrived and with it the need to maintain a stable and warm temperature in the home, office or any premises whilst you are there. Storage heaters experts know that getting a supply of heat to a room is not a synonym of comfort whatever its source of energy: gas, electricity, oil, firewood…

An example, a heating element offers strong and intense heat that can be felt if the individual remains very close to the source. However, if we work in large areas or with people who are moving it is a type of heat that will go unnoticed.

Another example. With a fan heater, we receive an intense heat that moves through the air and, quite often, that ‘hot wind’ is annoying. So much so that people spend their time turning the heaters off and on again because they are too hot or too cold.

Heat is not comfort. And at Rointe we know this. That is why our devices are not designed for warmth but they are designed and manufactured to provide comfort.

What is comfort?

Comfort, in the world of heating, is for a room to reach the optimum temperature of 21 degrees in a stable manner with little alterations of + _ 0.01 degrees whenever the device is on and also achieve this without a change of air or annoying draughts. Achieving a convenient and comfortable ambience for everyone without having to turn appliances on or off when we feel it necessary to have more or less heat. Comfort is excellence in the heating sector and excellence in our industry is called Rointe “Serie D with DELTA Ultimate Technology”.

All devices in the Kyros and Serie D with Delta Ultimate Technology ranges work with the following parameters:

– Natural air convection. Heat without draughts. Speed ​​always less than 0.1m / s.

Total Temperature stability. With subtle variations of + – 0.007 ° C

Heat without dryness. Rointe ensures relative humidity parameters

What else makes the Rointe radiators, towel rails and water heaters different from the competition in the field of heating is that we have two patented technologies based on energy consumption saving.

The result of years of effort and investigation is the “Fuzzy Logic Energy Control System” which manages to raise and maintain a constant temperature of 21 ° C in a room using only 38% of its power. This means that Rointe’s devices allow a saving of up to 62% on energy consumption.

Comfort, energy efficiency and … “Rointe Connect”


As if the advantage of having made a digital integrated heating system capable of giving comfort to any room with an energy saving of 62%, was not enough, the research and development team at Rointe wanted to give another twist of the screw with the products of the new “Serie D with Delta Ultimate Tehnology” range, making history in the heating sector in the process.

Radiators, towel rails and water heaters in the Serie D with DELTA ULTIMATE Tecnhology range are the first of their kind and unique on the market as they have a WIFI module incorporated allowing them to provide data about whichever product directly from any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop that has the Rointe Connect App downloaded.

No switchboards, no intermediate devices and no external wireless modules. All-inclusive in your radiator, towel rails and water heaters. From your mobile device. This is patented E • Life technology and Serie D with DELTA ULTIMATE Technology devices.

Do you want to know more? Call us and tell us your requirements. Our team can calculate the best options for you to achieve comfort bearing in mind the features you provide to us. You are in good hands.

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