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Rointe D series with DELTA Ultimate technology is the result of years of research and development of our R&D, dedicated exclusively to achieving the world’s most advanced home automation system for heating and hot water.

The unique advanced Rointe D series with DELTA Ultimate technology with E-Life technology allows wireless control and direct management of your heating and hot water via WIFI, over the Internet.

The INSIDE WIFI module built into all products in the D series with DELTA Ultimate technology range allows control of all functions remotely through the Rointe Connect App application from your tablet or smartphone, without accessories or intermediate terminals.

In addition, exclusive electronic Extra Low Power micro-controllers XLP8 and XLP16 with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control ensure maximum thermal comfort with minimum energy consumption.

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With the D series with DELTA Ultimate technology range you choose how to control your system.



Fuzzy Logic Energy Control is a new and significant development introduced by the Rointe R&D department that represents a considerable technological advance to heating and hot water products. The patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology is a natural evolution from its predecessor Optimizer Energy Plus. It administers the product start up more quickly and efficiently thanks to a more precise control over the calculation of the power requirement required to reach the established temperature. This calculation is based on three fundamental values:

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control improves the administration of the power necessary to maintain a stable room temperature, analysing its variations with a precision of ±0.25ºC. It sends electronic micro pulses to the heating element which, together with the thermal fluid and highly pure aluminium, provides a rapid transfer of 100% of the heat to the surroundings.
The 110 W/element of the D series with DELTA Ultimate technology radiator supplies a balanced heat transmission, unlike other radiators that use between 125 and 160 W/element. These others are less thermally balanced. As a consequence of this heat balance we can determine an approximate relationship of 1 element per m2 that needs to be heated in an extra cold zone.
The efficient administration by the Fuzzy Logic Energy Control, in addition to achieving excellent room temperature stability and an improved power administration in the initial radiator heat rise curve, allows us to obtain an equivalent consumption ratio of only 38% of the nominal power, thereby producing a non-consumption equivalent ratio of up to 62%.

How does it work?

As we can see in the upper graph, from startup and throughout the heat rise curve, the Fuzzy Logic Energy Control predicts the quantity of power required in each moment until reaching the temperature established by the user which in this case is 21ºC. This technology proportionally reduces the electric power necessary to reach the desired temperature by softening the initial curve, reducing the temperature peaks and, thanks to the multiple stop-starts occurring during the stable period that follows, it favours a greater temperature stabilisation.

The Rointe products with the Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology decrease the equivalent ratio of consumption by up to 6%* compared with those that incorporate the Optimizer Energy Plus technology.

*Maximum reduction of the equivalent ratio of consumption percentage obtained from tests performed by Rointe.

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