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At Rointe we have an extensive group of experts who study all the projects we receive to give the best quotes available.  We study each case personally and calculate your requirements based on the dimensions, geographic location, position within the house or building, insulation, heat loss and a number of other factors which you can advise when you ask for a quote. Rointe is quality and we want to achieve the maximum efficiency for your project.

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If you have a house, building or centre of whichever type and are thinking of changing it for the most innovative electric heating on the market (the only one that guarantees the minimum consumption and maximum controllability of all its units thanks to the D series with Delta Ultimate technology, range of radiators, towel rails and water heaters with WIFI incorporated and accessible via your smartphone via Rointe Connect), call us on 01432 598019 or look for your closest installer from the list of official installers on our website.


For whichever project you have, Rointe has the ideal plan for you.

Call us on 01432 598019 or send us an email and we will contact you.

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