The cold is here and threatens to stay until the end of March or April. That means three or four months of low temperatures that will stop your home being that comfortable place which you need to enjoy your moments of relaxation, leisure, family time, rest, dinner with friends etc.

If you also have elderly people or children at home, then the need to regulate temperatures so they no longer suffer nor feel the chill is no longer an option. You know you need to install a system to heat your rooms – but which one do you go for?

At Rointe we know which things are essential when you have to decide on one of our products. That’s why our Delta Ultimate range of products have five advantages that will help you decide which one take home or to the office:

Advantage 1: Energy savings translate into savings on your electricity bill


With our patented current measurer ”True Real Power”, you find out at any time the energy consumption of our devices and, by inputting the price that you pay per kw of electricity,  you can accurately calculate your monthly expenditure on electricity with our Delta. Unbelievable, right?

Advantage 2: Turn on, off. Do what you want from your mobile

Delta Ultimate devices can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet via our Rointe Connect App. You can control which rooms are on, which are off, the temperatures of the rooms etc from your mobile. You can also activate the heating when you leave your job to find the home warm on your arrival.  The limit is up to you and your imagination.

Advantage 3: Safety for you and your loved ones


Thanks to the optimum heat compensation that delivers 110 watts per element for a perfect thermal equilibrium, our radiators have a contact surface temperature that never exceeds 40 degrees in temperature which ensures maximum safety in homes where there are children or elderly people.

Advantage 4: Easy to install with its adapted template

Installing a Rointe radiator in your home has never been easier. Thanks to its adapted design template, you only have to mark the points where you have to drill the holes, install the support brackets and slide up and down until it clicks. All in all very easy and only around 15 minutes of time to install your device.

Advantage 5: Adaptable design for any room or area with two finishes, graphite and white

It is the only one of the series to have a sleek, curved, 100% aluminum design with side locks.

Are you still not convinced? Well, visit and discover why we have been in the heating sector 30 years and are leaders and pioneers in the development of thermal technology using the best materials and IT.  We are waiting for you.

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