SINCE 1985,

Rointe has been providing warmth and comfort to homes and businesses for more than 30 years . Since the beginning we’ve been designing and producing clean, efficient and eco-friendly heating systems that are able to offer the greatest heating comfort with a minimum energetic cost.

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Royal Termic was born


Royal Termic was born as a small radiator manufacturing family company.

ROYAL TERMIC was released for production


ROYAL TERMIC was released for production, first electric radiator using injected aluminium

Royal 00 model was born


Royal 00 model was born, the first radiator with integrated electronics

Rointe was born as a Brand


Rointe was born as a Brand and moved into its new building in Santomera, Murcia

Royal TM and Conver Tm were born


Royal TM and Conver Tm were born, the first generation of efficient radiators with built in programmer. Allowing us to program every 30 mins.

Incorporation of the TRIAC instead of the Relay


Rointe relaunches its corporate image with updated electronics. Products incorporating the TRIAC in place of relay.

Winner of Quality Business innovation award 2005


Rointe receives the award for business innovation in 2005 for its ongoing commitment to improving its products.

Rointe enters into the international market


Rointe lands on its feet in the international market, present today in more than 5 countries and in the process of opening in another 7.

Massive expansion and improvement of facilities at Rointe


Rointe amplifies and improves its facilities in Santomera to cope with the success of their heating systems.

Rointe Integral Digital System is Born


Rointe Integral Digital System is born, the first complete series of products including Radiators, Water heaters and towel rails. All manageable by one same Remote control.

Rointe Patents Optimizer Energy Plus


Rointe marks one of its most important milestones with patent of OPTIMIZER ENERGY PLUS technology which is capable of optimizing and improving the energy efficiency of their products allowing us to save up to 60% energy.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013


Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2013 to Antonio Dengra, General Director of Rointe, for the successful relaunch of the brand in international markets and expanding the product range.

Expansion of the range of products with KYROS


Rointe expands its product range with the addition of families SYGMA and KYROS. FUZZY LOGIC ENERGY CONTROL technology was also born, a 6.3% more efficient than its predecessor OPTIMIZER ENERGY PLUS.

Delta Ultimate technology released. Revolutionizing the heating world.


Rointe DELTA Ultimate technology. The launch of the most innovative heating system technology on the market with built-in Wi-Fi. And the capability of being controlled by Rointe Connect application from any mobile, tablet or PC.